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About exchange of water meter

This page is page about maintenance of water meter. 


Role of water meter

 Water meter is important "meter" becoming the basics of water rate calculation.
 Standard is established in "regulations of measurement" to secure appropriate measurement because use quantity of water that we measured with water meter is used for business with customer or proof.
 For official approval validity of water meter, it is eight years after official approval pass.
 We perform exchange premeditatedly before reaching the expiration in Water Works Bureau for this official approval validity.

 Official approval validity

<official approval validity>

The red frame (37/10): Until October, 2025

About exchange of water meter

News of exchange

 If water meter installing in home of customer reaches time of exchange accompanied with the expiration for official approval validity, by the next method, we will tell from Water Works Bureau beforehand.

・We send news postcard to house inoo visitor in detached residence.
・We distribute news handbills to notice of poster and each room to house inoo visitor in apartments.



      <detached residence>         <apartments>

 Please note that exchange of water meter does exchange even in the case of absence.
 When hindrance wishes to change a certain case and schedule to exchange by absence, I would like notification in contract construction company listed in news postcards.

 The surface The back side 

<sample> News postcard

News handbill

<sample> News handbill

Builder of meter exchange

 Water Works Bureau and contract construction company which contracted perform exchange of water meter.
 Contract construction company (worker) carries identification card which Water Works Bureau issued.
 In addition, we wear armband of exchange worker of water meter.

 Identification card

<sample> Construction worker identification card

 Armband 1 Armband 2

<sample> Armband

Request from Water Works Bureau

 When obstacle is put around water meter, inspection of a meter and exchange are not possible.
 On the water meter, we hope that we do not put car and baggage.

 Cause to become trouble

Cause> which becomes <trouble

Instructions after water meter exchange

 After the water meter exchange, water which muddy water and air got mixed with may flow from faucet.
 Please use apparatuses after draining away muddy water with faucet after the exchange enough as muddy water and air contribute to let apparatuses break down.
 In addition, in water mixture faucet, we make the water side, and I would like drainage.


Drainage method 1  Drainage method 5 


<mixed faucet>


 Main apparatuses

<main apparatuses>

Improvement request of service pipe

 When service pipe before and after water meter performs exchange of water meter in timeworn state by corrosion, water leak might occur.
 Particularly, we might let lower floor flood when water leak occurs in pipe space such as apartments.
 As we cancel exchange of water meter to evade such an accident and may ask customer for some improvement of service pipe, I would like understanding and cooperation.
 In addition, expense about construction of service pipe of customer burden.

 Example of improvement request

Example> which asks for <improvement

About appropriate management of water meter

 We are to manage water meter which Water Works Bureau installed in customer (user of water supply or owner) house in "the Yokohama-shi Channel regulations" so that there is not loss, damage.
 I would like appropriate management of water meter.


Yokohama-shi Channel regulations extract

 (management duty of water supply equipment)

Article 17 user or owner must manage water supply equipment with enough attention not to make any tap water is polluted or leaking water.

2 users or owner must observe the next matter.

 (2) Do not install building, public establishment obstacling to check, inspection of meter or repair or article in the setting place.


 (setting of meter)

City installs Article 22 meter and shall let user or owner keep.

Meter which city installed by reason that 4 meters of custodians should put the blame of on the responsibility my late; when miss, and wear again, and lose, manager can let compensate the toll.


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