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Public information yokohama xtra yokohamano water No. 117

 Public information yokohama xtra "yokohamano water" title

January 11, 2013 issuance



  As the preparation of disaster, ourselves can do.
  Reference about water supply 

 Public information yokohama xtra "yokohamano water" No. 117

Public information yokohama xtra yokohamano water No. 117 

One, four (PDF filePDF 2.66MB)

Two, three (PDF filePDF 3.37MB)


  Why of special feature water supply works is it? We investigate this!



  Summary of 23 water supply business accounts financial statements
  Summary of 23 water for industrial use course business accounts financial statements
  The quality of the water of Yokohama of relief, security
  Recruitment of way will forest at the head of a river volunteers
  Company, all of groups who has maintenance of forest of way will cooperate


The fourth "I see! The skill to shine of Water Works Bureau"

Polyethylene sleeve method of construction

 Water pipe of this photograph "is not in condition to take out new water pipe from packing". (photograph 1)
 We bury underground after we cover water pipe with film made of cylindrical polyethylene when we bury water pipe more than 50 millimeters in diameter newly.
 We say polyethylene sleeve method of construction, and this is method of construction developed in the United States and the U.K. in the 1970s. We prevent what water pipe and the soil touch directly by covering water pipe with film made of cylindrical polyethylene of approximately 0.2 millimeters of thickness and are effective in restraining corrosion of water pipe by electrochemic reaction to occur between water pipe and the soil.
 Possibly there may be person who has seen that work to cover water pipe is the spot of water supply works and is performed.

 Photograph 1
 (photograph 1)


 In addition, pipe except water supply such as gas and electricity, the sewer is filled up underground, too. We decide color in each company so that it is revealed what pipe it is at first sight each other when we dug road and wind up tape of mark. Water supply use is blue.
 Besides, in the case of water supply works, we add "W" of WATER (Wed) to the ground as mark when we temporarily backfill road in the middle of construction. (photograph 2)

 Familiar water supply works has such an invention in town, too.

 Photograph 2
 (photograph 2)


Public information yokohama xtra yokohamano water back number



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