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Public information yokohama xtra yokohamano water No. 116

 Public information yokohama xtra "yokohamano water"

January 16, 2012 issuance



  We raise opinions for new water supply business middle management plan draft!
  Yokohama Channel to connect to with living in the future for 125 years
  Reference about water supply including procedure of moving
  Company, all of groups who has maintenance of forest of way will cooperate


 Public information yokohama xtra "yokohamano water" 116

Public information yokohama xtra
yokohamano water No. 116

(PDF filePDF 3.33MB)


 The preparation of drinking water to divide special feature life and death into


※Sale of, "oh, setting 9 liters of true children The Water one" that we was published in three was finished.


  I see! Assent! Application of water rate



 Page 3 of public information yokohama xtra "yokohamano water No. 116", notation of "please confirm water tank for disaster of neighborhood under the ground" had error. We apologize and correct.

  • (mistakenly) under Oami, Kohoku-ku
  • (plus) under Kohoku Ward general rules




The third "I see! The skill to shine of Water Works Bureau"

Distributing reservoir 

 Distributing reservoir maintaining in 23 places of cities is facility storing tap water made at water purification plant. To way of being used of tap water in the city, we regulate quantity of water to store.
 In addition, we can find water of quantity equivalent to share for one week of drinking water which approximately 3,690,000 citizens need at the time of emergency.
 From these things, distributing reservoir is called "warehouse of tap water".
 Because a lot of things that distributing reservoir is filled up under the ground save tap water again, we cannot usually see the inside. Of this time "I see! We introduce distributing reservoir where is in condition to have pulled tap water by the skill to shine of Water Works Bureau.

 This is the inside of distributing reservoir where is in condition to have pulled tap water saving to perform construction to raise quake resistance of facility. Structure becomes like brief maze and is devised without letting you stay so that water always flows. In comparison with triangle corn (approximately 70cm in height) installing, it turns out that it is very big facility.
 In addition, we carry out when we perform such a construction while adjusting so that suspension of water supply does not happen.

 The inside of distributing reservoir which pulled tap water which we saved
 The inside of distributing reservoir which pulled tap water which we saved


We follow the history of column water supply

Story of water supply foundation fountain tower

 Some fountain towers are in Yokohama. For example, it is "protection image of a deity of water" donated from San Diego in fountain and Yamashita Park of Yokohama Stadium side in Yokohama Park fountain. It is symbol of park, and there is all thing healed heart by art that water weaves.

 It was fountain got close to citizen for a long time, but fountain tower which memorialized that Channel was born in Yokohama in our country in in front of Yokohama station which would be full of the opening of a port now in 1887 125 years ago (the neighborhood of current Sakuragicho Station) in the first modern times was set up. Fountain which blew up water like a brick surprised people of Yokohama that was annoyed by drinking water and was got close as symbol of new Yokohama of the Westernization.
 These fountains were imported by the U.K., and, at approximately 4 meters in height, two steps-type fountain tower, even superior our country is historic fountain tower of eminence decoratively. Base shows the name of Morikata Oki (we get up and serve and win) of Kanagawa prefectural governor (the current prefectural governor) who was person who has rendered distinguished services of the water supply foundation and British engineer Henry Spenser Palmer.
 We wander place to stay from place to place under the influence of reconstruction or the Great Kanto Earthquake of railroad station, and we are restored now by courtyard of the Yokohama Channel Memorial (522, Kawashimacho, Hodogaya-ku), and this fountain tower almost monument of modern channel of Japan is displayed afterwards (we cannot use now for fountain tower).

 We made two replicas to tell in Water Works Bureau in history for a long time in 1987 when we reached modern water supply 100 years. One engine was donated to Tsukuimachi, Tsukui-gun (now Midori-ku, Sagamihara-shi) that was water source at the time of foundation water supply and was installed as symbol of interchange with Yokohama-shi in front of government office. Another one engine is installed in deep "Harbor View Park (Minato-no-Mieru Oka Koen)" of the opening of a port and relationship and citizen's is got close.

 We visit fountain tower in commemoration of birth of these modern water supply, and how about thinking about flow of the time and time for water supply foundation?

Foundation memory fountain tower which we display in the Yokohama Channel Memorial   Foundation memory fountain tower which we display in the Yokohama Channel Memorial
 Foundation memory fountain tower which we display in the Yokohama Channel Memorial



Public information yokohama xtra yokohamano water back number



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