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Public information yokohama xtra yokohamano water No. 115

Public information yokohama xtra yokohamano water

September 15, 2010 issuance


  Decision held on Water Works Bureau customer thanks D 2010!
  Yokohama water started!

Public information yokohama xtra yokohamano water No. 115
Public information yokohama xtra
yokohamano water No. 115

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 Special feature: Water pipe bifour after
 Please cooperate with oldness and Hajime Mori iron of water of way will
 Do not be deceived by vicious company!
 Summary of 2009 water supply business accounts financial statements

The second "I see! The skill to shine of Water Works Bureau"

The appearance

 UFO tank

 Water tank Nishiya water purification plant which saves water to wash gravel, sand of filtration pond

 Building which he/she is interested in very much when we explain to primary schoolchild of visit to facility, "we let UFO be resident in water purification plant." as a joke. The official name is called "cleaning water tank".
 We drop dirt which collected in gravel of "filtration pond" in water purification plant, the sand layer what you wash. Difference in elevation uses water in tank and washes in strong current of force.
 We clean filtration pond and send water to all of you.

Under washing

Column: Publication item which follows the history of water supply

The Japanese oldest water pipe

 Japanese oldest water pipe (Noge) 3-160-4, Nogecho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi 
 In 1887 (Meiji 20), first Japanese modern water supply was founded in Yokohama by instruction of British "Henry Spenser Palmer".
 We laid water pipe using truck for transportation of iron pipe and equipments at approximately 44 kilos from junction (existing Sagamihara-shi Tsukui) of the Sagami River and the Doshi River to storing water ground of Mt. Noge of Yokohama.
 Carried water was purified and supplied to Sakuragicho and the Kannai area.

 Relief of Palmer made of bronze casting is attached to the center of pipe.

Palmer relief

 We touch the Japanese oldest water pipe, and how about feeling the history?

Public information yokohama xtra yokohamano water back number


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