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Disaster water station search system "smoothly mappu"

In Water Works Bureau, we maintain water tank, distributing reservoir for disaster under the ground, urgent feed cock as water station at disaster.
In "mappu, we can search water station smoothly" from specific address at the nearest disaster.
For disaster, please confirm water station by all means from home at the nearest disaster.

<request from Water Works Bureau>
・As the preparation of water at the time of disaster, we cannot miss storage of water in home and the workplace, too.
 Higher than 9 liters in total are used as an indication in minute for 3 liters, at least three days a day and hope that we have you store water per person.
 (in the case of ※ family of 2, it is more than 18 liters of, and, in the case of family of 3, more than 27 liters of degree is indication.)
・There is no preparation for polycontainers catching water supply at water station at each disaster. About container for water supply, we hope that we have you usually prepare.

IconName of facilityFacility summaryThe water supply system

Water tank under the ground

Water usually flows as some water pipe, but when tap water pressure falls at the time of earthquake disaster, emergency closure valve operates automatically and finds fresh drinking water in tank.
 (we maintain 134 places in ※ city. As for the capacity of tank, it becomes just 15 cubic meters - 1,500 cubic meters.)

As a general rule, we attach temporary faucet by local everybody and, for hatsuwazawaigo about three days, supply with water.
 ※At water tank under the ground, local everybody can supply with water.
 ※As the field is not ready for container, please offer.

Distributing reservoir

We can secure drinking water of total approximately 190,000 cubic meters equivalent to quantity of water that citizen needs for one week at the time of disaster.
 (we maintain 22 places in ※ city.)

From hatsuwazawaichokugo, we supply with water by the Water Works Bureau staff on the basis of the suspension of water supply situation.
 ※In distributing reservoir, the Water Works Bureau staff supplies with water.
 ※As the field is not ready for container, please offer.

Urgent feed cock

It is facility to attach temporary faucet to water pipe resisting earthquake, and to supply with water.
 (we maintain 358 places in ※ city.)

hatsuwazawaigo, the Water Works Bureau staff almost attaches temporary faucet on the basis of the suspension of water supply situation sequentially after the fourth day. When water pipe is pressurized, we can use.
 ※The Water Works Bureau staff performs setting of temporary faucet.
 ※As the field is not ready for container, please offer.


 We can confirm the details of facility when we click icon in map.
 In addition, we can confirm more detailed place by spreading and displaying map (expansion, reduction of map is possible when we scroll on map).

※Movement environment example: We operate in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or more definitely.
In addition, we may not work depending on PC (software installing) of errand definitely.


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