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About the preparation of drinking water in home and the workplace

 "Water" is the most important to maintain human life. By the Great East Japan Earthquake generated on March 11, 2011, we brought serious damage in each place around the Tohoku district, and the suspension of water supply number of houses reached approximately 2,570,000 houses, and "importance of the preparation of drinking water" became clear some other time in Japan.
 On 3 liters of 1st usually alone in Water Works Bureau for outbreak of disaster in home or company on 3rd with for storage of 9 liters of drinking water ask for reserving.
 When you reserve, please be careful about the next points.
 (when the building concerned is lost power in high-rise houses going by way of pressurization or cistern to receive by ※ feed pump, water may not appear.)

 <method, instructions of reserving of water>

 ◊We pour water into polycontainers which can play the cover with cleanliness to lips, and state filled with water, please.

 ◊You let you boil, and please store the same tap water in containers in chlorine having possibilities to become ineffective by letting water purifiers go through.

 ◊Please save at shaded cool place such as refrigerator. (we can save on around 3rd in the summertime for one week in winter.) ※Please replace water using this period as an indication.

 ◊ Indication of storage is for drinking water and is 9 liters with for 3rd at 3 liters a day per person.



 We store smart (rolling stock law)

 We always buy drinking water slightly a little too much and say method that always stores constant quantity by buying more newly as much as we used with the rolling stock method.

Picture image

※We produced this video in cooperation with educational foundation Iwasaki school Yokohama Digital Arts technical school.


 Storage drinking water "canned Yokohama water"

 We give service to sell drinking water "canned Yokohama water" for storage by case unit in Water Works Bureau targeting at the Yokohama cities, and to deliver.



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