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Crisis control of Yokohama-shi
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Disaster prevention information Measures (self support) of my home Local measures (community support) Measures (government support) of city Plan, the regulations Map of disaster prevention Brochure
Earthquake synthesis (product for citizens)
◆Earthquake measures of my home

◆Disaster prevention Town Pages
(NTT Town Pages issuance)
Earthquake synthesis (product for companies)
◆susume- establishment - of reduce disaster damage action

PDF◆Restraint (PDF 4.43MB) of return simultaneous at the time of disaster
Earthquake synthesis (product for children)
PDF jishintowatashitachi [PDF 2MB]
Tokai earthquake
◆"Information and measures of Tokai earthquake"
◆Pet measures at the time of disaster
Business summary of city
◆Earthquake disaster measures of City of Yokohama, Water Works Bureau
PDF Guidelines (PDF 3.33MB) about refuge from tsunami
Community support
PDF Community support ... (PDF 2.49MB) of community support, refuge of "community support" of our town - Neighborhood Associations
PDF susume - preparation and mental attitude and community development ... (PDF 0.73MB) of disaster prevention community support of town
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2.Storm and flood damage
The inundation
PDF We will think about inundation measures of facility under the ground [PDF 2MB]
◆Transmission of information such as flood forecasts to tower facility required
 Earth and sand disaster
PDF We protect the body from earth and sand disaster [PDF 7.7MB]
pdf Earth and sand disaster enlightenment handbill NEW [PDF 1MB]

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3.Multiple languages
Multiple languages
◆Multilingual disaster prevention leaflet
PDF For earthquake confidence [PDF 5MB]
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 pdf Disaster prevention information guide NEW [PDF 2.8MB] of Hama Activity casebook of disaster prevention organization of town
◆Collection of "reduce disaster damage" of Yokohama ideas
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