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 Lead to relief, security of town;
"collection of "reduce disaster damage" of Yokohama ideas"

We gather example that is useful for activity of disaster prevention organization of town and are casebook to have you refer to of future activity. Please inflect.

We can download than the following.

The disaster prevention organization activity casebook whole sentence (collective version) of town [PDF: 12.4MB]


At cover, the beginning, we organize table of contents, disaster prevention of town [PDF: 1.4MB] 

Let's spread disaster prevention knowledge in 1 area [PDF: 4.7MB]

Let's grasp characteristic of 2 areas [PDF: 2.9MB]
We keep up relations that 3 safety confirmation is made
[PDF: 3.4MB]

Let's increase leading figures of 4 disaster prevention [PDF: 2.0MB]
Let's cooperate in 5 areas
[PDF: 2.2MB]

We will learn from measures of 6 apartments [PDF: 1.8MB]
Reference materials, back cover
[PDF: 0.8MB]
      Disaster prevention organization activity casebook cover of town