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Vocabulary about nation protection

Line that is vowel series or line sa line ta line is the line ma line y syllabary series r syllabary series w series

A row

[stable iodine agent]
[safety information]
[safety information departmental order]
[NBC attack]

KA row

[nuclear fuel material]
[infectious disease designation medical institution]
[hazardous substance]
[basic guideline]
[degree of relief and standard]
[urgent firefighting support corps]
[urgent coping situation]
[urgent coping protection measures]
[urgent traffic vehicle]
[emergency call]
[urgent supplies]
[task force of country]
[the general manager of measures at country]
[prefecture nation protection plan]
[prefecture task force]
[prefecture measures general manager]
[nation protection measures]
[nation protection law]
[nation protection law enforcement order]

SA row

[disaster medical care base Hospital]
[city nation protection plan]
[city task force]
[the general manager of city measures]
[situation authorization]
[designated administration]
[designated local administration organization]
[designated public institution]
[designated local public institution]
[labor camp]
[Geneva treaties]
[facilities such as life connection]

TA row

[dirty bomb]
[the first additional protocol]
[coping basic policy]
[evacuation shelter]
[specific supplies]

HA row

[place of refuge area]
[refuge facilities]
[refuge inhabitants]
[armed attack]
[armed attack disaster]
[armed attack situation]
[armed attack prediction situation]
[armed attack situations]

YA row

[refuge area required]
[coping plans such as Yokohama-shi emergency]
[Yokohama-shi disaster preparedness plan]