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Local cooperation that is essential for nation protection

Conduct of nation protection measures cannot miss local cooperation. We help each other in area and "possess for disaster", and let's perform to "support at the time of disaster occurrence".

To all of fire brigade

When large-scale terrorism and armed attack occurred, all of fire brigade carries out following activity while it was considered about securing of security enough.

  • We transmit warning and refuge method to inhabitants.
  • We derive refuge inhabitants who made use of connection with area in cooperation with the staff and staff of fire station of city.
  • We perform coping to disaster.

Disaster defense such as example) fire fighting, setting of firefighting caution area, activity support of reserve firefighting, first aid treatment of injured, collection of disaster and rescue informations

To leader at voluntary disaster prevention organization

As for the action that there must not be large-scale terrorism and armed attack, but wants inhabitants to adopt when it occurred by any chance, following.

  • You participate in training that city performs, and please usually perform the preparation.
  • I would like cooperation to instruction of refuge inhabitants.
  • I would like conveyance of injured, cooperation to help of survivors including first aid treatment.
  • I would like cooperation to establishment support of healthy counselor's office.

To local everybody

  • You participate in training that city performs, and please perform the preparation from day.
  • Please report to police department immediately if you discover suspicious individual and suspicious-looking object.
  • At the time of refuge, please save tower required at disaster including elderly person and person with a disability.
  • In place of refuge, please cooperate with distribution of eating and drinking charges that city performs.

To various places of office

  • Please always try for reinforcement of crisis control of facility.
  • If instructions of warning and refuge are given, please derive communication, refuge to employee and people in facility.
  • When emergency happens outdoors suddenly, please cooperate with urgent refuge in facility.

Cooperation to nation protection measures is entrusted to voluntary intention not compulsion. City considers ensuring safety when they have you cooperate enough.

To brochure ..., "necessary nation protection fire brigade, all of voluntary disaster prevention organizations"