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Refuge and relief of inhabitants

Instructions of warning and refuge

  • When we were informed of contents of warning from the governor, the mayor communicates with citizen and affiliate immediately.
  • When we are informed of instructions of refuge from the governor, the mayor transmits instructions of refuge for citizen and devises the refuge conduct point.
  • The mayor guides refuge inhabitants as unit in Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations, school, office in command of staff of city and fire station.
  • When enough correspondence is difficult only by staff of city and firefighting, we call for instruction of refuge inhabitants by the police or the Self-Defense Forces. In addition, we request voluntary disaster prevention organization or self-government chairperson for necessary cooperation.

Case FIG. 1

Structure of refuge

We devise the refuge conduct point quickly after the mayor transmitting instructions of refuge for citizen when we were informed of instructions of refuge from the governor, and having listened to opinion of related organizations. When it determined the refuge conduct point, we transmit the contents to citizen and affiliate promptly and derive refuge inhabitants.

From the viewpoint of contents (distance, time margin, the scene) of refuge measures, we assume following three cases as main refuge method.

Case 1: It has no room time and urgently evacuates to indoor

[situation example] Ballistic missile attack (in front of impacted bomb), raid-like aviation attack, attack by guerrilla, Special Forces

Case FIG. 1

Case 2: We evacuate to refuge inside and outside the city

[situation example] We wear and attack destruction attack, ballistic missile for landing invasion, petrochemical complex (after the impacted bomb)

Case FIG. 2

Case 3: We evacuate in the unspecified number of citizens outside area

[situation example] Blast terrorism in urban area, attack using chemical agent in urban area

Case FIG. 3


Collection, offer of safety information

Coping to armed attack disaster

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Firefighting Setting of caution area Prevention of expansion of pollution with radioactive supplies Ensuring safety of facility such as life connection