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We always comprise karano

What Yokohama-shi always includes

Maintenance of 1 organization, system

  • In city firefighting commander center, we secure intelligence, the transmission system by the duty systems such as commander section managers for 24 hours.
  • In the city hall and ward Government building, the staff engages in disaster prevention accommodation people on duty for emergency in the night and holiday.
  • At the city hall, the staff of General Affairs Bureau engages in crisis control accommodation person on duty by rotating schedule. In addition, member of disaster emergency procedure performs caution duty on the night and holiday.
  • Emergency measures team to consist of the staff having expertise and experience estimates the damage situation from limited information just after crisis occurrence and participates in emergency measures decision such as city task forces.
  • We maintain the systems such as intelligence, offer to perform notice, transmission of contents of warning, collection, rearranging of safety information, collection, report of disaster and rescue informations.
  • We carry out training about nation protection measures and plan improvement of ability for coping in armed attack situations. In cooperation with Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations, voluntary disaster prevention organization, we appeal to citizen for participation in training and act for spread of training enlightenment on this occasion.
Crisis center

About 2 refuge, relief is always prepared karano

  • We prepare for basic documents such as grid, refuge facilities, medical institution concerned, storage supplies to be able to perform refuge, relief quickly.
  • We make pattern of the plural refuge conduct points beforehand. We consider refuge methods of tower required on this occasion.
  • With elementary and junior high school of evacuation shelter, we consider to appoint community care plaza, welfare center for the old as special evacuation sites for tower required as refuge facilities.

Grasp of facility such as 3 life connection

  • We keep facilities (power station, clean water facility) such as life connection to be located in the city under control and establish about the ways of ensuring safety measures of facility such as life connection to affect management of city.

Storage, maintenance of 4 supplies and material

  • Storage for disaster prevention including food, water and restroom pack shall serve with storage for nation protection measures mutually. In addition, equipments becoming particularly necessary or special medicine support for conduct of nation protection measures while cooperating with prefecture.
Picture of storage

Enlightenment about 5 nation protection

  • Citizen acquires right knowledge about nation protection to minimize damage by armed attack disaster, and it is necessary to act appropriately. Therefore we utilize various mediums and plan the spread, enlightenment.