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Nation protection of Yokohama-shi

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About actions at the time of ballistic missile fall (Portable Document Format) / "Q&A about action at the time of ballistic missile fall" (Portable Document Format) / (Cabinet Secretariat "nation protection portal site")
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Special badge mark  The following mark is international special badge to distinguish places used for people performing duties to be concerned with nation protection measures prescribed with Geneva treaties addition protocol and the measures.

Nation protection law and Yokohama-shi nation protection plan

 Nation protection law prescribed role allotment such as country, prefecture, the municipalities and the concrete measures to protect life, body of the nation and property when case or megaterrorism that received armed attack occurred, and to be able to minimize damage with armed attack.
 In September, 2004, the metropolis and districts and the municipalities were required to make nation protection plan with the enforcement of nation protection law.
 We establish beforehand so that city cooperates with country, prefecture, other municipalities related organizations, and this plan cooperates based on policy of country when armed attack or large-scale terrorism occur, and quickness can perform refuge or relief of inhabitants precisely.
 In Yokohama-shi, we devised "Yokohama-shi nation protection plan" based on opinions of the deliberation in city nation protection meeting and citizen's all of you.

Yokohama-shi nation protection plans (laws and ordinances and the regulations)

  Summary of Yokohama-shi nation protection plan

Yokohama-shi nation protection meeting

Situation that is assumed

We always comprise karano

Refuge and relief of inhabitants

Local cooperation that is indispensable for nation protection

Approach of conventional Yokohama-shi

◆Brochure about nation protection

◆Link (country, Kanagawa, nine capital prefecture cities) concerned 

    Nation protection plans of related organizations are published. In addition, we can hear sample sound of siren sound of warning to affect nation protection.

    Legal framework for war contingencies-related law such as situation actions to be taken, nation protection law is published.

    Other than metropolis and districts nation protection model plan, held result of round-table conference about protection of the nation, various documents are published.

    About approach about nation protection of Kanagawa, we are published.

    About approach about nation protection of nine capital prefecture cities (Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Yokohama-shi, Kawasaki-shi, Chiba-shi, Saitama-shi, Sagamihara-shi), we are published.