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About evacuation area

1.With evacuation area

When fires that occurred by major earthquake occur frequently, and deferred roast spreads, as place to evacuate to to protect citizen's life, body from radiant heat and smoke, we appoint evacuation area.


2.Current evacuation area (from April 1, 2015)

In city, we performed review about evacuation area this time. Based on the result, we start operation on April 1, 2015 as new evacuation area.

※Ward where as a result of having performed review, there was change of green leaves, Kanagawa, Kanazawa, Tsuzuki, Tsurumi, Tozuka of the west, Midori Ward is each.

<map reference method>

Following "◆ evacuation sites map," "refuge district allocation" can confirm "area where fear of large-scale spread of fire fire is low" "evacuation area" by "Google map" each when we click "area where fear of ◆ great scale spread of fire fire is low".

(as you repeat evacuation area using function of Google map and display, please use by browser supported on confirmation in Google Maps Engine)

 ◆Evacuation sites map

 For more information about district allocation every each evacuation area, please confirm than the following "refuge district allocation table".

 ・Refuge district allocation table (PDF)

 ◆Area where fear of large-scale spread of fire fire is low

 ※It is thought that possibility that large-scale spread of fire fire occurs is extremely low, and, with area where fear of large-scale spread of fire fire is low, security of life is found area by refuge action by judgment of inhabitants particularly even if we do not appoint evacuation area. We came using name called "any refuge district", but, as a general rule, will unify in future until now in "area where fear of large-scale spread of fire fire is low".




・Evacuation area is determined by "Yokohama-shi disaster preparedness plan" made based on Disaster Laws.

・Evacuation area is place to evacuate to at the time of large-scale fire. Evacuation sites shelters temporarily at one time (we say), and, to see state, Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations chooses to evacuation area at place that local resident gathers to evacuate.