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About opinion offer about next risk management system basic plan (plan).


In Yokohama-shi, we investigate functions to solve problem, this of hatsuwazawaitaio and system operation with risk management system and are considering now.
 We raise the following opinions as we devised basic plan (plan) that paid these off.


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  From July 25, 2018 to August 24 
2 presentation methods
  By E-mail, please submit to the following address.
  Please do title about "opinion to [company name] next risk management system basic plan" (plan).
3 notice matters
  By opinion presentation about basic plan (plan), we do not have superiority in future business.
4 opinion presentation points
  General Affairs Bureau crisis control room information Development Section
  Telephone: 045-671-3454
  Email: so-johogijutsu@city.yokohama.jp

 Basic plan (plan) (Portable Document Format 2,150KB)
 Opinion paper (Word form 14KB)