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In the need, setting of vibration sensing breaker


About electric fire 

For the latest earthquake damage assumption (H24 .10) of Yokohama-shi, the death tolls by fire largely increase from 1,548 personality, last damage assumption (H17.3).
 And we are considered that (excluded for cause ignorance) is related to electricity more than 60% of cause of fire in past great earthquake disaster.
 When strong earthquake was generated in Motoichi, fire from electric heat appliances, fire from electric cords snapped at electric restoration again are expected.


With vibration sensing breaker 


It is effective to intercept breaker at the time of refuge, but may not get such an action at the time of major earthquake occurrence at once to prevent electric fire.
  Vibration sensing breaker interrupts electric supply at the time of earthquake occurrence of seismic intensity which is higher than set point automatically and prevents fire by installing in each family and can greatly reduce damage by preventing spread of fire to other houses.

About kind of vibration sensing breaker 


Vibration sensing breaker has thing of the next kind mainly.

1.Switchboard type
  All electricity is cut off with thing with function to sense constant seismic intensity, and to interrupt electricity basically by switchboard of home. At homes with medical appliances using electricity, attention is necessary about setting.

* Pattern                                             0 enlargement type

2.Simple type

  When we are connected to switch of switchboard of home, and sensed shaking, we drop switch by fall of weight ball or action of spring and cut off electricity of all in house. There are many relatively cheap things, and construction is unnecessary.
               * Spring type                                  0 weight balls type


3.Outlet type
  There are types (construction required) to exchange for type to insert in outlet of home and existing outlet, and to bury. Setting to point to connect electric heat appliances such as electric heater or heater for appreciation fish to is suitable basically to interrupt electricity of individual outlet.

Instructions on installing 

・Because influence on medical equipment is thought about about thing interrupting all in-home electricity at the time of earthquake occurrence like switchboard types, attention is necessary in setting. In addition, it will prepare for non-ever-burning light to disturb quick and safe refuge to the outdoors because light disappears when earthquake is generated in the night because it is thought.

  ・Please choose thing suitable for environment to live in the purchase, setting. Please talk about thing needing construction such as switchboard types with electric construction shops.

Reference about construction 

In switchboard house electricity construction center, we introduce electric construction shop of neighborhood.
  House electricity construction center homepage (Kanagawaken Denki Koji industrial guild)    

  ○List of city house electricity construction center
  ※Please refer to house electricity construction center of neighborhood.


(reference) "Earthquake fire measures policy in Yokohama-shi earthquake disaster prevention strategy"

2016 vibration sensing breakers about setting promotion business subsidy

NEW!! Vibration sensing breakers finished application for setting promotion business subsidy.
     [the supporting number] Existing house: 241 new construction houses: Four cases

About supporting system


Area for Target person Target product Supporting rate, sum The supporting number  The supporting results
"Earthquake fire measures policy in Yokohama-shi earthquake disaster prevention strategy" area for
(please see lower "town and village eyes list of supporting areas for" in detail.)
Individual who owns house in area for Switchboard type
(switchboard JWDS0007 for vibration sensing function house with) thing having structure, function to determine with 2 ((one) wiring system industry society in Japan) belonging to)
A half of setting expense
(upper limit 40,000 yen)
350 first arrival  241 cases
Individual who is going to build house in area for 10,000 yen 50 first arrival  Four cases


List of town and village eyes of supplementary area for ("Yokohama-shi earthquake disaster prevention strategy fire measures policy" area for

The details, please click the ward name below.
Izumi Ward Isogo Ward Kanagawa Ward Kanazawa Ward Kohoku Ward Tsurumi Ward Totsuka Ward Naka Ward Nishi Ward Hodogaya Ward Minami Ward