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Earthquake map 

 Earthquake map illustrated seismic intensity distribution of 3 earthquake that it was said that it was targeted for damage assumption by "Yokohama-shi earthquake damage assumption working papers" that we published in October, 2012.
Genroku era type Kanto earthquake 

Genroku era type Kanto earthquake earthquake map image
Earthquake in northern Tokyo Bay

Earthquake earthquake map image in northern Tokyo Bay
Nankai Trough giant earthquake

Nankai Trough giant earthquake earthquake map image

 Yokohama-shi performs the furtherance for free earthquake-resistant diagnosis of house and earthquake-resistant repair work so that wooden house does not collapse at the time of major earthquake. News of the furtherance for free earthquake-resistant diagnosis and earthquake-resistant construction is this.
 ・ Information for wooden house earthquake proofing diagnosis person dispatch system (Housing and Architecture Bureau homepage)
 ・ Guidance (Housing and Architecture Bureau homepage) of "Yokohama-shi wooden house earthquake proofing repair promotion business"

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