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Emergency Management Office Disaster Prevention Information Web Page


- Earthquake Early Warning
The Earthquake Early Warning is broadcasted with warning chime on TVs and radios a matter of seconds(i.e. 1-2seconds to 20-30seconds) before strong tremors hit the area.
Korean, Chinese, Francais, Spanish, English -(made by Aoba International Lounge)

- Earthquake Emergency Procedures (Guidebook) (Japanese,Korean,Chinese,Portuguese)

- Pamphlet (Disaster Prevention Yokohama) (English) (PDF)

- Weather & Earthquake Information (in Japan) (Japan Meteorological Agency)

- Water disaster prevention Information

- Yokohama City shelter list
The list of evacuation areas was carried in case of the earthquake disaster in Yokohama. (Japanese, English)

- Disaster Prevention Mailing List
The earthquake information from a "high-density strong-motion seismograph network" and disaster prevention information, such as a warning and an alarm, are distributed at the time of a calamity by E-mail.

- Safety information chubunkantaichubunhan* Hangul