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About "designated urgent evacuation sites" and "designated refuge"

 Conventionally, place to protect life from danger of urgent disaster and place to take shelter were not necessarily distinguished definitely and contributed to damage expansion by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Therefore, Disaster Laws was revised, and it was established that we appointed "designated urgent evacuation sites" to escape from danger of urgent disaster and "designated refuge" to take shelter. We confirm evacuation sites, refuge course, refuge beforehand and will possess at the time of disaster.


Designated urgent evacuation sites

"Designated urgent evacuation sites" appoints every kind of disaster about (flood, landslide, mud flood and landslide, high tides, earthquake) at place to escape from danger of urgent disaster (we serve as designated refuge). In Yokohama-shi, we choose from evacuation shelter appointing as designated refuge.

In addition, disaster classification "tsunami" appoints according to the following designated standard about "large-scale fire".

"Tsunami:" Motoichi is tsunami refuge facilities ※We appoint evacuation shelter among facilities appointing to 1    

"Large-scale fire:" Motoichi is evacuation area ※We appoint evacuation shelter appointing to 2
※1About tsunami refuge facilities

 Link※2About evacuation area

  About establishment of designated urgent evacuation sites
 Even if disaster produces designated urgent evacuation sites to judge establishment by disaster scale, the situation, we may not open all evacuation sites.
 In addition, as well as designation place, we may establish public facilities such as district center or community care plaza, Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations building as evacuation sites. When we evacuate, let's confirm refuge information from administration (city homepage, Yokohama-shi disaster prevention information E-mail, public information vehicle).
Link Yokohama-shi disaster prevention information E-mail

You can look at designated urgent evacuation sites of each ward when you click the ward name in map.

     Tsurumi Ward Kanagawa Ward Nishi Ward Naka Ward Hodogaya Ward Asahi Ward Kohoku Ward Midori Ward Aoba Ward Tsuzuki Ward   Totsuka Ward Sakae Ward Izumi Ward Seya Ward Minami Ward Konan Ward Isogo Ward Kanazawa Ward  Designated urgent evacuation sites of each ward
  Link Tsurumi Ward     
  Link Kanagawa Ward   
  Link Nishi Ward      
  Link Naka Ward      
  Link Minami Ward     
  Link Konan Ward     
  Link Hodogaya Ward  
  Link Asahi Ward      
  Link Isogo Ward     
  Link Kanazawa Ward     
  Link Kohoku Ward     
  Link Midori Ward      
  Link Aoba Ward     
  Link Tsuzuki Ward       
  Link Totsuka Ward     
  Link Sakae Ward      
  Link Izumi Ward      
  Link Seya Ward   


Designated refuge

"Designated refuge" is place taking shelter in cases that have been not able to live in home by disaster. We appoint 459 places such as elementary and junior high schools in the city that is evacuation shelter as "designated refuge" in Yokohama-shi. We will confirm evacuation shelter of neighborhood in disaster prevention map noisily.
Link List of evacuation shelter
Link We map disaster prevention with respect noisily

 About establishment of designated refuge (evacuation shelter)
When higher than intensity 5 upper are observed, designated refuge (evacuation shelter) opens even one place in Yokohama city limits. About administration, we perform by "the evacuation shelter governing board" constructed at area, school, ward office.
Link Detailed page about evacuation shelter

 About name of evacuation shelter
We publicize name "evacuation shelter" to all of you widely as place that takes shelter since before Disaster Laws was revised. Although we appoint designated refuge as above in Yokohama-shi, we will continue name "evacuation shelter" in future and use.

Figure of image at the time of refuge

     Evacuation area Tsunami refuge facilities
Link Figure of image at the time of refuge (PDF 250KB)