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About the handling of vehicle to use for affected areas relief with Kumamoto earthquake in April, 2016 [Kumamoto]

   1 period
  From Sunday, April 17, 2016 to Sunday, December 31, 2017 
   Vehicle which is targeted for 2

 Vehicle which corresponds to any of the following which is active in Kumamoto and the neighboring affected areas

 ・Vehicle to transport relief supplies to anti-disaster measures department of refuge of survivors or the prefecture municipalities where we suffered from (including supplies accumulation place) by request from the local governments

 ・Vehicle to transport supplies, the staff to deal with restoration, revival of affected areas by request from the local governments

 ・Vehicle which the local government uses for disaster relief
 ・Vehicle which the local governments where it is disaster volunteer activity and suffered from use for with request, reputation thing which they consented to

   Expressway which is targeted for 3

  Toll road targeted for free traffic measures is limited.
  Use planned road becomes a target, or please confirm Kumamoto homepage beforehand.


   4 application methods

  When you apply, you bring directly, and please submit the next article to window.
  We do not accept application by mail and fax.
    In addition, I would like procedure with margin as we need time for issuance of certificate (around 2-3 business days).
   As you cannot mail when you have you receive certificate either, come to window by all means.

   Documents which caught confirmation of engaging in disaster volunteer whom Council of Social Welfare, disaster volunteer center of
volunteer acceptance issued
(when we do not get confirmation of acceptance    in the case of volunteer, we cannot issue certificate.)

   ・Disaster dispatch that filled in required items engagement vehicle certification application (PDF file)

  ・Copying of vehicle inspection certificate of use vehicle


   ・Private seal

      ・Identity verification documents (driver's license, health insurance card) of one coming to window

   ※Disaster dispatch, please submit use report (PDF file) to Crisis-Management Division after the use of engagement vehicle certificate.
    Teller has directly, and please submit use report which had you fill out by mail or fax (045-641-1677).

   5 reception counters


  General Affairs Bureau crisis control room Crisis-Management Division (city hall the fifth floor)  

  Reception hours: From weekdays 8:45 to remove on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays to 17:00

  Contact 045-671-2171

   6 instructions


 ・Please apply for the necessary number of sheets by run course to be necessary for every tollgate where certificate pays rate.

 ・You check road to pass on the traffic date, section to pass well beforehand, and please apply.

(when courses are unidentified, we cannot accept.)

・We cannot use ETC. (you receive pass in general lane at entrance of toll road, and hand certificate and pass to person in charge in general lane at exit.)

・Inflow from smart interchange cannot flow out.