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About approach of Yokohama-shi for July, 2018 heavy rain disaster

In Yokohama-shi disaster support task force, we perform various support toward speedy restoration, revival of affected areas.

To one suffered from

About acceptance of one suffered from

House suffers by heavy rain and live in house and provide public housings which city manages targeting at lost people temporarily.

Detailed application methods, please confirm "about temporary offers such as public housings for survivors accompanied with July, 2018 heavy rain".

Support to survivors, affected areas toward the thought

About donation

We carried out "the July, 2018 heavy rain disaster fund-raising" in Yokohama-shi. (acceptance was finished on August 13)

We thank all of you who had donation approach heartily.

About vehicle to use for affected areas relief (disaster dispatch about issuance of engagement vehicle certificate)

As for the vehicle for the purpose of affected areas support, "disaster dispatch can pass toll road by engagement vehicle certificate" free.

Of "engagement vehicle certificate as for the disaster dispatch" please confirm "about the handling of vehicle to use for affected areas relief" about application method and reception counter.

Approach (latest information) of Yokohama-shi

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