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Please send opinion for correction of ... Yokohama-shi disaster preparedness plan "earthquake disaster measures"; ...


 In Yokohama-shi, we examine correction of Yokohama-shi disaster preparedness plan.
 When raise opinions of citizen's all of you, and make modifications; carry out civic opinion offer to refer to.


◆Offer period of opinion
  Opinion offer was finished.

About correction of Yokohama-shi disaster preparedness plan
  It is this about main contents of correction

◆Presentation method of opinion
  Please submit by E-mail, FAX, method by either by mail.
 ● In the case of E-mail

  ・ Please assume title of email "civic opinion offer".
  ・ Presentation e-mail address: so-kikitaisho@city.yokohama.jp
 ● In the case of FAX
   ・ Presentation FAX number: 045-641-1677
 ● In the case of mail
  ・ You fill out exclusive postcard of "brochure of civic opinion offer" distributing in each ward office General Affairs Division, and please mail.
  ・ Presentation: 〒 231-0017
         1-1, Minatocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi Yokohama City Hall General Affairs Bureau crisis coping Planning Division

※For opinion that you had, please note that you cannot make an individual reply.
※We use opinion that had you approach and personal information only for modified duties of this Yokohama-shi disaster preparedness plan.