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About conduct of "Yokohama-shi Kumamoto earthquake donation" (the end)

 We received earthquake generated in the Kumamoto, Kumamoto district and carried out "the Yokohama-shi Kumamoto earthquake fund-raising" for affected areas support as follows in Yokohama-shi. Thank you for your your warm support.

 Conduct result of "Yokohama-shi Kumamoto earthquake donation"

  The amount of donation : 40,385,457 yen

   Conduct period : From April 18, 2016 to June 30, 2016

   Account (acceptance was finished) for exclusive use of "Yokohama-shi Kumamoto earthquake donation"
     Bank name  : Bank of Yokohama
     Supporting store's name  : Yokohama city hall Branch
     Account number : Normal 6037606
     Account name : Yokohama-shi Kumamoto earthquake donation (yokohamashikumamotojishimbokin)

We remitted the amount of donation total amount mentioned above to donation acceptance account of Kumamoto. We are going to be distributed into survivors in future through Kumamoto donation distribution Committee. We thank citizen, company, all of groups who had donation approach heartily.

※ We came to be able to treat subtraction, loss of money in the tax law targeting at people who had you transfer donation to bank account within reception desk period. For details, please see page about "subtraction in the tax law about earthquake donation, loss of money handling".