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Great East Japan Earthquake related information (information until March 26, 2012)

Great East Japan Earthquake related information

In Yokohama-shi, even Twitter (Twitter) provides information in conjunction with this earthquake. Reading, registration from this Let's respond in yokohama_koho

News about living

Support to company

Message from the mayor

Approach of Yokohama-shi

To one suffered from

Information from damaged prefecture


Inquiry counter

Offer of acceptance, house in Yokohama-shi

Working, attendance at school


One where was suffered from in Yokohama citizens

Support to survivors, affected areas toward the thought

Radiation related information

Yokohama-shi press release document (radiation connection)

News about radiation

Air dose in the city

Mike Rothe pot investigation



Seawater, the soil, sludge

Health, food telephone consultation counter about radiation

Radiation information of other neighbors