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"Fukushima Mimpo-sha, Fukushima Minyu Shimbun-sha" can read Fukushima local paper.

There was proposal that it wanted to allow to deliver Fukushima local paper to public facilities of Yokohama-shi and to read to offer information under Fukushima to all of you evacuated to outside prefecture from Fukushima continuously and decided to cooperate with this proposal in Motoichi.

Therefore, in the next facility, we guide as we can read.

Kind: Fukushima local paper "Fukushima Mimpo-sha, Fukushima Minyu Shimbun-sha"

The starting date: From August 22, 2011

Delivery date: We send the most new book to (fire, tree, soil) three times a week. As there is day when we cannot read by closed days of facility, please refer to facility in detail.

Facility which we can read

Facility name 
 Municipal Central Library
 Kanagawa library
Tsuzuki library
 Tozuka library
 Hodogaya library
 Asahi library
 Seya library