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Yokohama-shi disaster prevention information E-mail registration for free!


Disaster prevention information arrives to your cell-phone!

 We give service to deliver earthquake seismic intensity information, disaster prevention information including weather warning, warning by E-mail in Yokohama-shi.
 We can obtain disaster prevention information quickly by utilizing this service with cell-phones.
 As the preparation to disaster, please register!

About cell-phone which registration change operation cannot play

It is press-agented that there is weakness about technique called SSL3.0 which is safer procedures to communicate such as information processing promotion mechanism.
Because influence range of this weakness and attack method were released, we carried out nullification of SSL3.0 in disaster prevention information E-mail system out of concern in security.
In addition, with server recertification to use for safe coding communication to communicate, we changed from SHA-1 of old certificate form in SHA-2.

In addition, we were not able to be connected to registration, change screen with some models (model which cannot communicate using server certificate of model and SHA-2 form that were non-TLS of succeeding technique of SSL3.0-compliant) of mobile device by these measures.

■Please confirm about non-support model in page of each mobile phone carrier.

Person having PC which can connect non-support model to the Internet in the case of errand has you transfer information email replied to after the transmission to entry-yokohama@bousai-mail.jp to PC, and please operate registration change by having you access listed URL.
I apologize for the inconvenience, but, concerning measures for users to use service safely, we hope that we have it be understood.

<delivered information>
News that is emergency News that is emergency from Yokohama-shi
(evacuation warning, PM2.5 high density forecast, nation protection plan related information
 We send information about security of citizen's all of you)
Earthquake connection Seismic intensity information, tsunami warning, warning, information (temporarily) in conjunction with Nankai Trough earthquake
Storm and flood damage connection As for the heavy rain special warning, warning, warning river water level information, precipitation information, heavy rain news information, earth and sand disaster caution information
Others Weather forecast, tornado attention information, photochemical smog information, high temperature attention information, heat stroke prevention information (from June to September)
※We can choose information to receive. About item and all items delivered at the time of registration, please see page of list of delivery items.
※When we want to change delivered item, please see page about delivery item change operation of disaster prevention information E-mail.

※Delivery of registration, information is free, but expense (packet rates) required for communication is charged to user.

※The Earthquake Early Warning and urgent breaking news email are delivered for support model by each carrier.

Registration method

Guidance email arrives when we send email to the following address. Please register according to procedure of guidance email.
※Title, the text is good as blanks. From two-dimensional cord, we can read address.
Please see PDF of page about registration operation and information for disaster prevention information E-mail about detailed registration operation method.
<when guidance email at the time of registration does not arrive>
When you make setting if "you refuse to receive email from PC" with cell-phones of errand, please set to receive email from yokohama@bousai-mail.jp.

※As we cannot register newly when guidance email does not arrive even if we set in this way, please let this page bedrock know to post in charge (General Affairs Bureau crisis control room information Development Section) which there is.

<as for the English version in hope of registration from this>
<mobile version: Homepage of disaster prevention information E-mail>
We can confirm delivery contents on homepage.