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Booklet "disaster prevention yokohama" to learn local disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage activity

 In Yokohama-shi, major earthquake and typhoon, earth and sand disaster vary; is jeopardized.
 Of approach of self support, community support by citizen's all of you for various disasters that did it this way with this booklet made to have refer to.
 In addition to government support, power of self support and community support is very important to reduce damage by disaster even a little.
 In the prior preparation or talks in home, area, please inflect.
 In addition,

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 ◆"We receive the disaster prevention side" (bosaiyokohama)

 Disaster prevention yokohama
PDF PDF version(Portable Document Format, 16.20MB)

 ◆"Receive the disaster prevention side" (bosaiyokohama); English version [Disaster Prevention Yokohama (English)] NEW

 We receive the disaster prevention side (English version)
PDF PDF version(Portable Document Format, 13.37MB)

NEW where "we receive the disaster prevention side" (bosaiyokohama), and video is edition (Youtube)

 ■ Video "grazes the disaster prevention side" (Youtube)

   We receive the disaster prevention side (video version)

 ◆"We receive the disaster prevention side" (bosaiyokohama), and sound is edition (mp3)

 We made sound version of "disaster prevention yokohama".

 ■ Truck 1 : PDF Contents(MP3 form, 2.4MB)
 ■ Truck 2 : PDF Preface(MP3 form, 0.4MB)
 ■ Truck 3 : PDF yokohama earthquake disaster prevention citizens' charter(MP3 form, 2.73MB)

 [earthquake damage assumption of Yokohama-shi]
 ■ Truck 4 : PDF Assumption and earthquake that we did, indication of shaking of seismic intensity, damage in the city, utilization (MP3 form, 2.72MB) of brochure
 ■ Truck 5 : PDF Area figure which is targeted for Genroku era type Kanto earthquake damage assumption earthquake map, tsunami refuge(MP3 form, 1.71MB)
 [let's prepare for earthquake]
 ■ Truck 6 : PDF Do you talk with family? Is it house resisting earthquake? Are you safe in house? Is it house resisting fire? (MP3 form, 4.08MB)
 ■ Truck 7 : PDF Do you prepare for storage product and evacuation materials? To all of companies(MP3 form, 3.42MB)
 [earthquake was generated]
 ■ Truck 8 : PDF What is personal security that matched the place? (MP3 form, 1.82MB)
 ■ Truck 9 : PDF What is the disposal of quick fire? (MP3 form, 1.81MB)
 ■ Truck 10 : PDF Why don't it become people unable to return home? (MP3 form, 2.67MB) 
 ■ Truck 11 : PDF What is point of refuge from tsunami? (MP3 form, 1.12MB) 
 ■ Truck 12 : PDF Do you know place to evacuate to? The medical system at the time of earthquake disaster? (MP3 form, 1.88MB) 
 [life as an evacuee after earthquake]
 ■ Truck 13 : PDF What is at-home damaged dweller? What is important thing by life as an evacuee in evacuation shelter? (MP3 form, 2.23MB) 

 ◎Storm and flood damage
 [let's prepare for storm and flood damage]
 ■ Truck 14 : PDF What is torrential rainfalls? The everyday preparation(MP3 form, 1.70MB) 
 ■ Truck 15 : PDF We confirm flows such as disaster prevention information by heavy rain disaster, refuge action (signature of refuge) at the time of storm and flood damage (MP3 form, 4.03MB)
 ■ Truck 16 : PDF To typhoon possess, to earth and sand disaster possess, to urban flood possess, approach (MP3 form, 2.18MB) in area
 ■ Truck 17 : PDF Let's prepare for thunder(MP3 form, 1.15MB) 
 ■ Truck 18 : PDF Let's prepare for tornado(MP3 form, 1.05MB)
 ■ Truck 19 : PDF Let's prepare for heavy snow(MP3 form, 0.99MB)

 ■ Truck 20 : PDF Intelligence at the time of disaster(MP3 form, 1.73MB) 

 ◎Community support
 [we follow the local whole from place where it is familiar to to be able to always do it in area]
 ■ Truck 21 : PDF We will use cooperation of the neighborhood, safety confirmation, Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center of family! (MP3 form, 2.18MB) 
 ■ Truck 22 : PDF Disaster prevention organization of town, figure which disaster prevention organization of town should aim at(MP3 form, 1.12MB) 
 ■ Truck 23 : PDF Do you participate in local training and class? (MP3 form, 1.84MB)
 ■ Truck 24 : PDF We wait in all local, and let's do walk(MP3 form, 1.63MB) 
 ■ Truck 25 : PDF With the preparation only in the training, apartment house for areas? (MP3 form, 1.93MB) 
 ■ Truck 26 : PDF What is disaster tower support required? Disaster prevention activity that we made use of viewpoint of woman in(MP3 form, 2.53MB)
 ■ Truck 27 : PDF First aid treatment(MP3 form, 3.42MB)
 ■ Truck 28 : PDF About initial-stage fire-fighting techniques. (MP3 form, 1.12MB) 
 ■ Truck 29 : PDF Activity check of disaster prevention organization of town(MP3 form, 1.96MB) 
 ■ Truck 30 : PDF Earthquake disaster measures degree check(MP3 form, 2.11MB)