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 About crisis control questionary survey of Yokohama citizen 

  We appreciate your cooperating with crisis control questionary survey of Yokohama citizen.

 "Self support" from day of citizen's all of you carried out "crisis control questionary survey of Yokohama citizen" to grasp consciousness and the approach situation of "community support" to inflect in reviews of future business in Yokohama-shi. We announce as we gathered findings as consciousness enlightenment and approach of citizen's all of you and "self support" in area "community support" serve as a reference.

◇Investigation summary◇

Investigation area  Whole Yokohama-shi
Subjects of survey  10,000 one (including foreigner) that lives in the city 15 years or older
Extracting method  We randomly select from Basic Resident Register
Investigation method  With writing by oneself method by mail (distribution, collection) of questionnaire 
Investigation time  From June 23, 2015 to July 15 
Collection result  3,217 number of the effective answers, effective answer rate 32.2%
Main investigation item  ・About major earthquake, uneasiness to storm and flood damage
 ・About everyday disaster prevention measures at home
 ・About approach in area
 ・About refuge action
 ・About information about disaster


Count result  Report (Portable Document Format)
 Simple tabulation result (Portable Document Format)
  2015 crisis control questionnaire questionnaire (Portable Document Format)
  2008 crisis control questionnaire report (Portable Document Format)

 It was revealed that many citizen's all of you were not necessarily connected for action that own life protected as for "the uneasiness for disaster" by oneself although we held when we saw crisis control questionnaire result. It catches disaster as own thing, and it is important to possess because we can do it.

We will think that we can always do it by oneself.