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Examination of commercial function in the new city hall

   In "basic policy of use of land of redevelopment city planning of authority of north relation south district that is the maintenance planned site of the new city hall," we are doing the district concerned saying "we plan locations such as commercial facilities to introduce function appropriate for the downtown area led by duties facility, and to form turnout of town".
  Commercial function is at one with other functions of atrium (open space with roof) and low-rise building part including civic use function and plans open citizen's place and thing doing and pushes forward examination.

◆ Sounding type market research
   About business examination of commercial function in new city hall low-rise building part, we carry out "sounding type market research" to ask about opinion widely through "talks" with all of private business people. We will push forward examination in future while taking findings into account.
  ・ Conduct (2015) of sounding type market research
    ※Investigation was finished

  ・ Findings (537KB)

  ・ Conduct (2017) of sounding type market research
    ※Investigation was finished

  ・ Findings (324KB)

◆ Support task trust to affect new city hall low-rise building part commerce function examination
  We perform concrete examination to realize concept development and concept of commercial facilities based on market research from 27 and entrust consultant company treating plans of commercial facilities for the purpose of arranging constitution and placement plan of desirable commerce function though we locate in new city hall low-rise building part technically with support task.

  Yokohama-shi new city hall commerce function examination report (as a result of market research equal) (PDF6, 303KB)