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   Update information
   ■H29 .11.16  We issued the Yokohama-shi Government building construction Times second.  

  ■H29 .7.31 We held city hall move new construction construction construction briefing session.

  ■H29 .7.12 We held groundbreaking ceremony to affect the city hall move new construction start of construction.

■H29 .6.23 We devised "Yokohama-shi new city hall management plan".

   ■H29 .6.1 We announce result of "sounding type market research" about business examination of "commercial facilities in new city hall low-rise building part". 


  Conventional progress

Yokohama-shi public works project evaluation

Yokohama e questionnaire


Standing Committee document
(2012 ...)

Investigation special committee about the new city hall
(Heisei 24-25 years)

Evaluation Committee such as Yokohama-shi city hall move new construction technology suggestion

Press release, public information document
(2012 ...)
New city hall maintenance-related budget
(2015 ...)

Bid (ordering specifications) relations

  Buried cultural property excavation

Remains of an ancient structure preservation utilization
Examination of commercial function
(2015 ...)

Examination of "open space" (open spaces with roof)
・Symposium that thinks about "open space" of the new city hall
・Meeting that prepares "open space" into the new city hall together
Sounding type market research for management administration of "open spaces with roof of new city hall low-rise building part"
(2016 ...)

Authority of Yokohama-shi north relation south district heat supply business (open call for participants type proposal)
(2016 ...)




We will send information about new city hall maintenance at any time. We would like opinion and impression at the following.

City of Yokohama, General Affairs Bureau General Affairs Department management charging talk: 045-633-3901 FAX: 045-664-2501
Email: so-chosyaplan@city.yokohama.jp