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Hanasaki, Yokohama building

6-145, Hanasakicho, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi


Transportation Bureau

  • Personnel department (person in charge of public welfare)


  • Transportation Bureau public welfare society


Transportation Bureau

  • General Affairs Division
  • General-Management Planning Division
  • Safety management section
  • Personnel department (person in charge of person in charge of personnel affairs organization, labor)
  • Business Development Section
  • Business, sightseeing Planning Division


Transportation Bureau

  • Sales department (the high-speed railway headquarters, the car headquarters)
  • Driving section
  • Line Planning Division
  • Transport Section
  • Facility section
  • Vehicle section
  • Building Control Section
  • Electric section
  • Construction improvement section


Board of Education Secretariat

  • Eastern school education office, education General Affairs Division
  • Eastern school education office, inspector room


Board of Education Secretariat

  • Hanasaki training room


Board of Education Secretariat

  • Staff of a school upbringing section
  • Hanasaki training room
Top page > Around city hall guidance >
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