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Kannai Arai Building

1-8, Onoecho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi


Health and Social Welfare Bureau

  • Life support section
  • Protection measures charge
  • Insurance and Pension Division
  • Medical assistance section


Child and Youth Bureau

  • Childcare, education administration section (payment, supply authorized charge)


Policy Bureau

  • Statistics Information Systems Section

Culture and Tourism Bureau

  • Making of Yokohama charm room
  • General Affairs Division
  • Creation city promotion section
  • Cultural Promotion Division
  • Tourism Promotion Section
  • MICE promotion section
  • Culture program promotion section


Policy Bureau

  • University adjustment section

Child and Youth Bureau

  • Internal Auditing Section
  • Child care support section
  • Childcare, education administration section
  • Childcare, education human resources section
  • Childcare measures section
  • Child facility Maintenance Division


Health and Social Welfare Bureau

  • Health business section (incurable disease measures charge)

Medical Care Bureau

  • General Affairs Division
  • Personnel Section
  • Medical policy section
  • Cancer, illness measures section
  • Hospital management section
  • Nurse carrier support section

Medical Care Bureau Hospital Administration Headquarters

  • General Affairs Division
  • Hospital management section
  • Personnel department


General Affairs Bureau

  • Administration, information management section
  • ICT base management section

International Affairs Bureau

  • Policy General Affairs Division
  • International cooperation section
  • International Cooperation Division
Top page > Around city hall guidance >
General Affairs Bureau General Affairs Department management section - We update on making - April 1, 2018 on January 7, 2011
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