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Internship title
2018 Yokohama-shi internship

Latest informationnew H30.6.4. update
 Recruitment of Yokohama-shi internship trainees was finished in 2018! 

 Yokohama-shi internship is intended that we have higher vocational school student, university student, graduate students deepen improvement of occupational consciousness and understanding for municipal administration by providing place of employment experience in Yokohama-shi.
 Please apply through higher vocational school, university, graduate school (called educational institution as follows.) to be registered at after person in hope of participation "showing around recruitment of Yokohama-shi internship trainees in pdf2018" (pdf formality 42KB), and having read "wordYokohama-shi internship conduct summary" (word form, 30KB). (we do not accept personal application.)


Target person

One meeting all the conditions of following (1) - (4) can participate.
(1) Higher vocational school 3.4 years student and non-degree graduate program first grader, university 2.3 years student, graduate school first grader (we have base in the country, and the conclusion of agreement is limited to possible educational institution in 英語)
(2) One with will to be interested in Yokohama municipal administration, and to work on training positively
(3) One that can observe rule to set of Yokohama-shi internship conduct summary
(4) Each job (each acceptance condition refers to "list of excel2018 Yokohama-shi internship acceptance jobs (excel form, 88KB)") who meets acceptance conditions
   (but we cannot perform acceptance in township ※ when training at ward office is hoped for.)


The offer number of people

・170 workplaces, around 420 people
・Please refer to "list of excel2018 Yokohama-shi internship acceptance jobs" (excel form, 88KB) for the details.
 (* training periods may be changed. Please confirm the latest information on this HP.)


Training period, time, opening of a course-style closing a lecture type

Period to set in each acceptance workplace in until Wednesday, September 12, the same year from Thursday, August 2, 2018.
As a general rule, training time is from 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.
Trainee does attendance to opening of a course type appointed among next if essential. It is decided which schedule trainee participates in depending on principle, training period in the acceptance workplace.
・Opening of a course type … (1) Wednesday, August 1 (2) Thursday, August 9 (3) Thursday, August 16 (4) Friday, August 24 (5) Tuesday, September 3 

Social position, service, participation to insurance

Trainee shall have social position as student of each educational institution. In addition, in the case of training acceptance decision, please submit written oath. In addition, we assume participation to accident insurance and compensation for damages insurance acceptance condition and shall cope in responsibility of student oneself about accident receiving practical training in.


Reward, transportation expenses

Any other money and goods do not pay reward, allowance. Transportation expenses, the food expenses are self-pay, too.


Social position

<student that participation is hoped for>
 ●Trainee assumes each educational institution having social position as student. Please apply for one where participation is hoped for through educational institution to be registered at by all means. (we do not accept personal application.)
 ●You make "word[style] Yokohama-shi internship entry sheet" (word form, 27KB), and please submit one where participation is hoped for to internship post in charge of educational institution by Word data.

<all the educational institutions>
 ●Person in charge of educational institution, please make "[style] wordYokohama-shi internship application" (word formality 22KB) and "list of [style] excelYokohama-shi internship applicants" (excel form, 38KB) (as for two pieces of seats for ※ entry) based on "wordYokohama-shi internship conduct summaries" (word formality 30KB).
 ●Person in charge of educational institution, please mail data of "list of Yokohama-shi internship applicants" "Yokohama-shi internship entry sheet" which we saved in storage medium such as "Yokohama-shi internship application" and CD-RW in engine in a lump as much as possible to following application ahead. (we do not return ※ storage medium that had you submit.)


Closing date

Monday, June 4, 2018 [City of Yokohama, General Affairs Bureau Human Resource Development Section must arrive]
(time limit that each educational institution gathers application on ※ closing date and submits to Yokohama-shi. In final day when students submits to each educational institution, please confirm to person in charge of educational institution registered at.)


Notices of decision of acceptance

We notify to representative of educational institution after selection, decision based on application by the beginning of July. In acceptance, we fix educational institution and agreement.

Offer guidance, format

About the acceptance workplace