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2018 Yokohama-shi skill staff adoption selection

● Oct
ober 12 (NEW!)


 * About Yokohama-shi staff (the skill staff) adoption selection first selection
  ■ Schedule Sunday, October 28, 2018
  ■ Venue Yokohama City University Kanazawahakkei campus venue guide map this (PDF/77KB)
  ■ Opening time 8:45 sitting 9:15

 * About the application for Yokohama-shi staff (the skill staff) adoption selection situation (press release document PDF/94KB)  

October 9

* We started grant of admission ticket to an examination by electronic application service. It is mistake on Friday, October 12
 When there is not gitemo attached file, please refer to General Affairs Bureau personnel department.
 ※Please bring admission ticket to an examination by all means on the day of the examination.
 Admission ticket to an examination issuance procedure (PDF/466KB)
 Electronic application service

September 21


Application for selection acceptance by the Internet was finished in 2018.
In addition, mail application by simple registered mail is effective to postmark on Friday, September 21.

September 7


 ◎ About Internet application
You see "examination guidance" by all means before applying, is gokaku with eligibility requirements for an examination
  Please give me mitome.

 * Precaution (PDF/57KB) about entry sheet input

● Au
gust 30


 ・ We published examination guidance (PDF/5, 937KB)!
 ・ From this year, we should be application from the Internet.  
   But application by mail by simple registered mail same as before is possible.
 ・ Reception desk period is from Friday, September 7 to Friday, September 21
                [electronic application: until 10:00 a.m. mail: postmark effectively]
                  [in the case of mail only as for the mail by simple registered mail]

● Au
gust 23

 [PDF]About conduct of Yokohama-shi staff (the skill staff) adoption selection (press release document PDF/100KB)

★ 30 selection schedule ★  
[examination guidance distribution]  Thursday, August 30, 2018 - Friday, September 21, 2018  
[application reception desk period]  Friday, September 7, 2018 - Friday, September 21, 2018  
[the first selection] Sunday, October 28, 2018
[announcement passing for the last time] The end of January, 2019

★ Summary of 30 offer ★  
Selection division Eligibility requirements for an examination We are going to adopt
The number of people
The skill staff Division 1 Person who was born by from April 2, 1997 to April 1, 2001 Dozens of people
Division 2 Person who was born by from April 2, 1984 to April 1, 1997 Dozens of people

★ Examination guidance ★  


  • Examination guidance[PDF] This(PDF/5, 937KB)
  • Entry sheet[PDF]This(PDF/739KB)
  • Distribution place of examination guidance
    The first floor of the Yokohama City Hall city hall citizen information center, each ward office Public Relations Section, each service counter in the city hall

  • In the case of application by mail, we do not accept with paper except application that we put to examination guide and are crowded. As we cannot download, as for the application, one taken an entrance examination for, please obtain examination guidance from homepage by all means at the distribution place mentioned above.

* Adoption selection page of last year is this place


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