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Part-time job offer information

You can see recruitment of parttimers information by clicking "business content" or item of "work location".

Business content
Office work system (one) Technical system (0) Nursery staff (two) Social welfare (two)
Nurse (0) Health nurse (0) In addition, (one)
Work location
The city hall and neighboring Government buildings (0)
Tsurumi Ward (0) Kanagawa Ward (0) Nishi Ward (0) Naka Ward (0) Minami Ward (0)
Konan Ward (0) Hodogaya Ward (two) Asahi Ward (0) Isogo Ward (two) Kanazawa Ward (0)
Kohoku Ward (0) Midori Ward (0) Aoba Ward (0) Tsuzuki Ward   (0) Totsuka Ward (0)
Sakae Ward (0) Izumi Ward (one) Seya Ward (one)

※ The number displayed item by item is the number of part-time job offer information placing in homepage now.

In the part-time job registered one desired, please see this.