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Specific personal information protection evaluation during civic hearing

※Explanation, evaluation book announcing now of specific personal information protection evaluation is this

Information (October 15, 2018 update) about conduct of evaluation

Evaluation book during civic hearing

 There is no evaluation book performing civic hearing now.


Hearing for evaluation book


 Among office work to handle specific personal information, office work that it is thought that influence to give right profit such as personal privacy is particularly big makes all item evaluations book and demands opinion from citizen's and performs necessary review about evaluation book after having considered opinion that was in this way provided. We submit to personal information protection Committee (third-party organization of Cabinet Office) and announce evaluation book that performed review after having received third party check by council for Yokohama-shi personal information protection.

 As for the information about methods of hearing, please see this.

Way of thinking of opinion and city from citizen's all of you


 By civic hearing for specific personal information protection evaluation book (all item evaluations book), opinion about overall system (my number system, personal information protection) was sent.
 As for the way of thinking of city for these opinions, please see this.

※About presentation method of opinion, in the case of civic hearing conduct, we guide.


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