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My number system

 ○About notice card, my number card

Application for my number card method is thisReceipt method of my number card is this
 ▶ About others, notice card and my number curd (to page of Civic Affairs Bureau Counter Service Division)


 ▶ About information cooperation in my number system, full-scale operation was started on November 13, 2017.Update
   About information cooperation this (to when "my number system is introduced" page bottom)
   ※ Please refer to post in charge of each procedure for the details of required documents by various procedures sequentially.

 ▶ Operation of on-line service "mainapotaru" which the government ran was started.Update
   About mainapotaru this (to page bottom "mainapotaru about term about my number system")

 ▶ Yokohama-shi my number system call center was finished at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, December 28, 2016.
   About inquiry about my number system, please confirm "reference about my number system".

List of use of main my number office work in ward office


Button Button About information cooperation of original use office work   

○Please be careful about suspicious inquiry, fraud to talk about my number system

 By procedures such as notice and the use, grant of my number, we hear account number and password of account on the telephone and may not require money and bank card.
In addition, we may not ask for operation of ATM.

 When we receive suspicious telephone and email, we cut immediately or ignore, and please consult with the following consultation counter and the nearest police department .


<< if caught in damage including fraud >>
●Police consultation exclusive telephone     #9110
Reception hours: Weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. (different in each ※ metropolis and districts Police headquarters)
※Saturdays, Sundays and holidays and overtime support in duty or sound guides except some prefectural polices of the reception desk system for 24 hours
※Call charge is user burden

<< if we undergo suspicious calls >>
●Consumers hot line    188 (a little!)
※Consumers hot line shows around the nearest consumer life consultation counters.
Therefore time when we can talk varies according to the nearest consultation counters.

<< as for the complaint about the handling of personal information (identification personal information) that my number is included in this >>
●Personal information protection Committee complaint mediation consultation counter 03-6457-9585
※From weekdays 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

▶ Alerting in conjunction with my number system look at the following. (external link)
 Consumer Affairs Agency, "please be careful about unjust invitation and the acquisition of personal information that took advantage of my number system!"

 ・From Consumer Affairs Agency alert
  "Please be careful about suspicious emails of contents, "suit history is registered with my number" which give their group names such as "nation consumer life associations"
  (PDF data) (March 22, 2016 update)

 ・From Consumer Affairs Agency, Cabinet Office, the National Police Agency, personal information protection Committee, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the National Tax Agency alert
  "Please be careful about unjust invitation and the acquisition of personal information that took advantage of my number system!"
  (PDF data) (December 11, 2017 update)

 National Life Center, "please be careful about suspicious calls that took advantage of my number system!" (April 27, 2016 update)


○Reference about my number system
<, after checking phone number, please be careful to run wrong>

※ Yokohama-shi my number system call center at Wednesday, December 28, 2016 5:00 p.m.,
It was finished.

 Please inform the following reference of inquiry about my number system.

 About overall 1 my number system

 My number synthesis toll free number of <country >

  From weekdays 9:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

 From Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

  ※ We are absent for the year-end and New Year holidays (from 12/29 to 1/3).

 ▶ 英語 correspondence

Telephone: 0120-95-0178 (free)

 ※ When it does not lead to the phone number mentioned above with some IP telephone

 [thing about my number system] Telephone: 050-3816-9405 (pay)

 [notice card, thing about my number card (individual number card)] Telephone: 050-3818-1250 (pay)

 ▶ Foreign language correspondence (English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese)

 [thing about my number system] Telephone: 0120-0178-26 (free)

 [notice card, thing about my number card (individual number card)] Telephone: 0120-0178-27 (free)

 About grant of notice of 2 card, my number card

 Ward office Family Registry Division of ward to live

 About reference of each ward office Family Registry Division this (to page of Civic Affairs Bureau Counter Service Division)

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○With my number system

 In social security, tax number system (my number system) confirming that it is information of equivalence person in personal information that there is in plural administrations,
We promote efficiency of administration and raise convenience of the nation and are fairness, system to realize fair society.

 ・12 columns of my numbers (personal number) are notified each everybody of from October, 2015.

・The use of my number began in January, 2016. When it is filed for social security, tax, anti-disaster measures,
 Offer of my number is demanded.

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○When my number system is introduced; ...





  (※) It is ... with information cooperation

    Based on the my number method, to be able to omit documents which needed which all of you submit by administrative various business formalities until now, exclusive network system
   We use and are to exchange information between different administrations.

    Full-scale operation of information cooperation was started on November 13, 2017. Attached documents which we needed so far is omitted by some business formalities by this.

   (we, e.g., move from the Yokohama suburbs to Yokohama-shi, and presentation of "taxation certificate" which was necessary when we request authorization of Child Allowance in Yokohama-shi becomes omissible by information cooperation.)

    About business formalities that information cooperation by various procedures in Yokohama-shi is available for and omissible attached documents, please confirm in post in charge of each procedure.

  Information cooperation image figure

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○About term about my number system

・Personal number (my number)

It is number of 12 figures that each nation has.
We use for administrative procedure established in laws and ordinances in social security, tax, anti-disaster measures from January, 2016.
In addition, mention of my number is necessary for reports of participation of report and employee health insurance of tax.
My number is not changed unless number leaks out and might be used illegally.

・Notice card

By paper card, we tell everybody about my number.
In the case of procedures, chisel can use notice card for confirmation of my number.
To perform confirmation and identity verification of my number using notice card at the same time, other than the notice card such as driver's license and passport, Basic Resident Register card
Identity verification documents is necessary.

・My number card

It is card made of plastic with photograph of the face.
I hand to person who did grant application of card from January, 2016. (the acquisition of my number card is arbitrary.)
Full name, address, the date of birth, sex is listed in the surface of card other than photograph of the face, and my number is listed in the back side.
We can use as identity verification documents, and various services such as e-Tax (e-tax) can use my number card.
(it is limited to electronic certificates other than full name, address, my number listed in face of a bill what is recorded to card, and personal information such as income is not recorded.)

Except legal case, we copy the back side of card which
my number was listed in,
We collect my numbers and cannot keep.
As it becomes offence, please be careful.

(admitted that we copy the surface of card as identity verification documents.)

※ About the handling of now Basic Resident Register card you have
When you have Basic Resident Register card, until expiration date written to card, it is available sequentially.
My number card in hope of the acquisition collects Basic Resident Register card you have at the time of issuance.
We cannot own both cards.

We add page of Civic Affairs Bureau Counter Service Division, and, about contents about notice card and my number card, please see.


It is on-line service that the government runs. We can confirm record of the exchanges of own identification personal information by own specific personal information (※) and administrations which administrations have.
(※) Specific personal information: It is personal information to include personal number (my number) in the contents.

To mainapotarusaito (external link)

We can perform administrative procedure online in the future (one-stop service), and it is said that we come to be able to receive news from administration necessary for oneself.
Following three points are necessary to confirm exchanges record of own specific personal information and specific personal information information using mainapotaru.
Thing necessary for the use of mainapotaru

As of January, 2018, one living in Yokohama-shi can identify exchanges history of information as own information.
When the use of mainapotaru is hoped for in one that does not have IC card leader writer and PC in home,

・Each ward office Public Relations Section
・City hall citizen information center (the first floor of the city hall)
・City hall General Affairs Bureau administration, information management section (the third floor of Kannai Arai Building)

You can use tablet terminal establishing in this.

We match (external link) with homepage "mainapotaru" of Cabinet Office, and, about mainapotaru, please see.

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○Personal information protective measure

We cannot offer my number to another person unless we contribute to administrations by procedure of social security, tax, anti-disaster measures.

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We will tell about other details and latest information in this page or public information yokohama as soon as we are selected.

○Related link






  Contents about notice card my number card this my number card synthesis site "common question"


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City of Yokohama, General Affairs Bureau work reform room administration, information management section
My number system charge
TEL: 045-671-3321 FAX: 045-664-5917

◆ When you reply by contents of inquiry from other jurisdiction section, please note that you give information to jurisdiction section about contents.

◆ Inquiry by FAX, please use inquiry FAX paper. Downloading is this

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