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Basic policy logo of computerization

We devised "basic policy of Yokohama-shi computerization" that was plan of computerization of future Yokohama-shi. This shows action plan to realize directionality and it which are long-term until about 2025 for 4 years and informatization vision aims at realization of "information-intensive society full of ideas to the earth and person according to this basic policy easily" and will promote various informatization measures in future.

Update information

We announced action plan middle swing return marks of the Heisei 26-29 year (January 17, 2017)

We devised action plan of the Heisei 26-29 year (February 27, 2015)



Development process logo

September 27, 2010 Draft publication
September 28, 2010 Public comment conduct (until October 29)
It is this about draft and public comment result
February 21, 2011 Plan development, publication
March, 2011 Making for Braille version, sound version, foreign language (English, Chinese (kantai), the Hangul Alphabet, Spanish, Portuguese) ※Foreign language version only as for the summary version
February 27, 2015 We devise action plan of the Heisei 26-29 year and announce

Characteristic logo of basic policy

Figure of characteristic of basic policy: We show "computerization vision" which is long-term directionality about ICT that fixed its eyes on about 2025 when 1 "computerization vision" and "plain" computerization "Yokohama-shi electronic town hall promotion plan" did not have, and frugality efficiency and "it is easy for" which is not devoted technically aim at information-intensive society that "satisfaction is high".
2 "area computerization" and "environmental load reduction"
In addition to computerization in administration that we intended for, we wrestle for cooperation with country, private enterprise or citizen, area computerization including activation of economy mainly and wrestle for ICT utilization to environment load reduction until now.
3 "practice measures" and "necessary measure"
"Practice measure" to carry out in the next four years gathers up "necessary measure" that should wrestle after other now to promote the realization about four pillars supporting computerization vision strongly and promotes approach.

Downloading of document

 2014 development document


 2010 development document

Progress management

In basic policy of computerization, measure quite sets item of "state of business" what kind of state is in in each year of plan period and pushes forward approach along this "state of business".

For "state of business listed in plan," we evaluate what kind of state real progress is in, and progress management grasps aim about the approach situation every year in the concrete single year by every each year by evaluating fate, the results for this aim.

 Heisei 26-29 year action plan

 Heisei 22-25 year action plan

Middle swing returns
PDF Basic policy middle swing of Yokohama-shi computerization returns [711KB]
We wave in 2012 and return
PDF We look back in basic policy 2012 of Yokohama-shi computerization [605KB]
We add to the action plan last in the Heisei 22-25 year and return
PDF We look back in the action plan last in basic policy, the Heisei 22-25 year of Yokohama-shi computerization [1.19MB]