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                                      Seya fire brigade 

           <executive training group photo>                    <large-scale disaster-response training>                                                                                                      

                ◆Under recruitment of members of fire brigade!
              During "recruitment of members of fire brigade!" ({pdf}PDF: 347KB)


 ◆News from Seya fire brigade

In <Seya fire brigade, we start new approach as the preparation for large-scale earthquake!>           

For ... joining an organization promotion, local reduce disaster damage power reinforcement! ...

◆ We established "Seya, Yokohama-shi fire brigade" support support office.

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    With "Seya fire brigade" support support office

■The "Seya fire brigade" support support office conduct point      ■ Support office list      
           *takun    Seyamaru which wore bokaio
      ({pdf}PDF: 550KB)            ({pdf}PDF: 480KB)         ({pdf}PDF: 151KB)

  ◆Activity scenery


Introduction of Seya fire brigade

 Reorganization of Yokohama city limits was carried out in October, 1969, and we separated than Totsuka Ward, and current Seya fire brigade was born.
In Seya fire brigade, adoption begins on October 1, 1998 in members of woman fire brigade, and 75 members of woman fire brigade are active now.
 In addition, we place 18 places of appliance depots, 14 loading cars, 24 kahanshikishokatadoryoku pumps, equipments for other lifesaving in the whole area in ward and engage in fire prevention, disaster prevention activity in ward day and night.

The number of organization, the members of Seya fire brigade, jurisdiction 

 Organization <as of April 1, 2018> of Seya fire brigade
 The fire brigade headquarters 1 headquarters
 The number of the branch offices  4 branch offices
 The number of the groups 14 groups
 The number of the members 310 people
 Woman fire brigade number (number)  75 people
 Loading car  14
 Appliance depot  16
 kahanshikishokatadoryoku pump 24
  Lineup according to rank (appointment) of Seya fire brigade   
      Rank     The staff
 Leader  One
 Vice-leader  Two people
 Headquarters's manager  Four people
 Manager of branch office  Four people
 Manager of vice-branch office Eight people
 Manager 20 people
 Group leader  51 people
 Member 220 people


                    Jurisdiction of Seya fire brigade
 Branch office  Group                    Jurisdiction
The first branch office The first group 3, Akuwahigashi, 4, Akuwahigashi, a part (the south side) of 3, Akuwanishi
4, Akuwanishi, 1, Akuwaminami - 4
The second group Miyazawa 1 - 4
The third group 1, Akuwahigashi, 2, Akuwahigashi, 1, Akuwanishi, 2, Akuwanishi
A part (the north side) of 3, Akuwanishi
The fourth group Mitsukyo
The second branch office The first group 2, Minamidai, 1, Minamiseya, 2, Minamiseya, 1, Shimoseya
A part (the south side) of 2, Shimoseya, a part (the south side) of 3, Shimoseya
The second group A part (the north side) of north new 2, Shimoseya, a part (the north side) of 3, Shimoseya
Part (the south side), 1, Minamidai of 2, Hashido
The third group Seya 5, Seya 6, 3, Hashido
The fourth group  Seya 4, 1, Hashido, 2, Hashido (the north side)
The third branch office The first group Futatsubashicho, Azumanodai, Tono
The second group Hajime Aizawa chome - Aizawa 7, part (the south side) of Seyacho, Seya 1 - Seya
The third group 1, Hongo - 4, the center
The fourth branch office The first group It is 3, Takemuracho from part (the east side) of Seyacho, daimyo's second residence 1
The second group Megurocho, Kamiseyacho, part (the east side) of Kitamachi, part (the west), Oroshihoncho of Seyacho
The third group Gokanmecho, a part (the west) of Kitamachi


About recruitment of members of fire brigade
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