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Report request card
When we ask person who can speak 英語 which is in cases that places are not introduced into well in whereabouts near for report, report request card uses.
To report request card, there are English, Chinese Traditional in China, Chinese simplified Chinese character, Kahn Gurunsi, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, eight kinds of Thai.
We download report request card beforehand and will always have.

If you are unfamiliar with the location and feel difficulty in explaining the site, use the "Report Request Card" to ask anyone near you who can speak Japanese to make 119 call.
Remember to always have the "Report Request Card" with you.This Card can be downloaded from our homepage.
{pdf}English (PDF: 28KB) English report request card
{pdf}Chinese Traditional (PDF: 153KB) in China Chinese Chinese Traditional report request card
{pdf}Chinese simplified Chinese character (PDF: 139KB) Chinese simplified Chinese character report request card
{pdf}The Hangul Alphabet (PDF: 128KB) Hangul Alphabet report request card
{pdf}Portuguese (PDF: 37KB) Portuguese report request card
{pdf}Spanish (PDF: 28KB) Spanish report request card
{pdf}Tagalog (PDF: 38KB) Tagalog report request card
{pdf}Thai (PDF: 61KB) Thai report request card
{pdf}Explanation (PDF: 29KB) in 英語

※Adobe Reader is necessary to look at pdf form.
  We can download Adobe Reader of free distribution when we click right button when you do not have.
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