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 Yokohama-shi first aid consultation guide

・Yokohama-shi first aid consultation guide

 Information about AED setting places

 ・Object which establishes AED based on Yokohama-shi first aid regulations Article 6
 ・Link about setting places of AED

  Heat stroke related information

 ・Heat stroke related information
 ・"Let's prevent heat stroke!" news ... from Fire Bureau ...
 ・Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Fire and Disaster Management Agency homepage heat stroke information outside site

Let's learn first aid treatment

・Lifesaving class, lifesaving guide course ... usually upper class - about first aid treatment lifesaving class
・With first aid treatment
・If look after person falling down; how to use procedure, AED ... of ... cardiopulmonary resuscitation
・With AED
・Q&A about first aid treatment
・... that procedure of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and how to use AED are watched with ... video and still image about lifesaving measures application
・... that holy life was saved by cooperation of fruition example - citizen's all of first aid treatment
・First aid treatment except lifesaving measures

 Preventive first aid

 ・Prophylaxis of injury

  Let's use ambulance well

   ・Let's call ambulance without question at such time (to HP of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Fire and Disaster Management Agency)
 ・Emergency consultation center
 For ... sudden disease and injury, we go to hospital, clinics , or please consult with emergency consultation center # 7119 if we call ambulance or hesitate. We carry out information for hospital, clinics which we can receive. (to HP of Medical Care Bureau)
 ・We will prepare for emergency reliable card - emergency
 ・... which is available when there is not means to go to hospitals even if we do not use private patient carrier - ambulance
 It is ... toward private patient carrier - company

 Other related information

 ・... which we adjust and discuss about matter which is necessary about first aid duties that emergency duties Exploratory Committee - Yokohama-shi performs
 ・... which took effect on Yokohama-shi first aid regulations - October 1, 2008
 ・About changing hospital conveyance
 ・About citizen cooperation business
 ・Emergency demand prediction (collaborative investigation with Yokohama City University)

Style downloading

・Lifesaving class, lifesaving guide course attendance application
・Identification of lifesaving class completion application for re-issue book
・Request for emergency proof
・Conveyance business applications such as patients

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