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Yokohama supporters donation

We want to support Yokohama firefighting!

(improvement of firefighting power) 


It is ... for realization of relief, safe disaster prevention city Yokohama

  Do you not support Yokohama firefighting by cooperating with maintenance of vehicle and equipments of fire brigade and emergency services?


○What is Yokohama supporters donation?

 Yokohama supporters donation is so-called "Yokohama version hometown tax" system. It is intended to utilize donation from people who can support Yokohama-shi along intention of donor and raises donations from people thinking, "we want to support Yokohama firefighting!" here.

○City of Yokohama, Fire Bureau

 City of Yokohama, Fire Bureau locates 18 fire department 78 firefighting branch offices in the city and utilizes approximately 3,600 staff of fire station, approximately 600 firefighting vehicles to the maximum and continues protecting whole Yokohama-shi from fire or disaster for 24 hours.
  In addition, we promote quick and precise approach to every disaster while arranging General Affairs Department , preventive part, defending department in Fire Bureau, and scrambling for Fire Academy, Yokohama heliport, each fire department and cooperation, and people visiting let alone living person realize disaster prevention city Yokohama that can realize security, relief.

○Do you not support Yokohama firefighting, too?

 Fire brigade and emergency services are active 24 hours a day, every day by turns to protect life, body, property of citizen's in Yokohama that ambulance locates in 1933, and first Japanese fire engine applies in 1914, and was started. Do you not support Yokohama firefighting to improve local firefighting power by cooperating with maintenance of vehicle and equipments of fire brigade and emergency services?

○Method of contribution

(1) Application method
 By sending of the Internet (electronic application) or contribution application, please apply for contribution.

◇Application by the Internet (electronic application)

 Electronic application form            
 ※About overall cell-phone and some smartphones, it is not available.
 ※Movement environment after March 30, 2018 is this place

◇Application with contribution application
 Apply for the following "contribution application" by mail or fax, E-mail after downloading.

 Contribution application (PDF: 301KB)
 Contribution application (Word:41KB)

2-9, Kawabecho, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama-shi
Person in charge of City of Yokohama, Fire Bureau General Affairs Division accounting
FAX: 045-334-6517
E-mail: sy-yosan@city.yokohama.jp

(2) Payment method

 Please file by payment method chosen in the case of application.

◇In the case of payment with payment notice
 We send payment notice as soon as we confirm application for contribution. I would like payment in appointed financial institution (bank, post office).

◇In the case of payment by credit card
 We send guidance about plastic credit as soon as we confirm application for contribution. Based on guidance, following; "Yahoo! I would like procedure in public money payment page.

 Let's contribute to Yahoo! public money payment oldness!

[precaution of payment by credit card]
 When contribution amounts of money exceed less than one 5,000 yen and 1 million yen, it is not available. More than less than 5,000 yen and 1 million yen when wish to contribute, I would like payment with payment notice.
 Available credit card is VISA (visa), MasterCard (Master Card), JCB (Japan Credit Bureau), American Express (American Express), Diners Club (Diners Club), but please confirm in detail on homepage of Yahoo! public money payment.

(3) About subtraction of contribution
 Please refer to the following "page of Finance Bureau" for the details.

   To Finance Bureau resources section homepage


○The situation of contribution

(1) The contribution results

The year Amount of money (Japanese yen) The number of contribution
2017     15,252,000 11 cases
Total     15,252,000 11 cases


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