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Tsuzuki fire department
Introduction of branch office
Opinion, impression
News, event information Tsuzuki fire brigade
{pdf}Tsuzuki fire department business policy (PDF: 548KB)
  ●We held "disaster prevention, emergency fair"new
  ●We held "car flock with summer concert that acted"new
  ●About member of 2018 Tsuzuki Ward   home disaster prevention training schedule
  We published "prophylaxis of injury" and "Yokohama-shi first aid consultation center # 7119"!
  ●We made Tsuzuki Ward   disaster prevention calendar in 2018!
  ●National general fire prevention motto was decided in 2018!
  ●For vehicle fire attention!

About "fire alarm for house" installation support


●"Injury prevention for elderly person" and "injury prevention of child" leaflet changed a content.

    "The injury prevention for elderly person"
{pdf}(:PDF817KB for A3) 

  "The injury prevention of child"
{pdf}(:PDF1 .04MB for A3)

  "Yokohama-shi first aid consultation guide"
 Please see ("news, event information").

Summary of Tsuzuki fire department

Emblem of Tsuzuki Ward    

 Tsuzuki Ward   is ward that was born by reorganization of administrative section in November, 1994 located at the northern part of Yokohama-shi. In the east, in Kohoku Ward, the west, Aoba Ward, the south contact with Midori Ward, and the north becomes city boundary with Kawasaki-shi. Population becomes approximately 210,000 people (as of April 1, 2018), and, as for the average age, it is in 18 wards in ward that is the youngest in the city in the eighth most ward.
 The name of Tsuzuki (follow) is old and appears to Manyoshu tanka collection, and many remains are excavated from the ward and show that it is area where living of people was run for a long time.
 New town planning that city and agriculture harmonized with advances while the northern part and central part of ward being Kohoku new subdivision area, and leaving rich nature and green. Population continued increasing from 119,000 at the beginning of birth steadily, and, in town center district that played a key role of ward, accumulation such as ward synthesis Government building, hospital, police department , post office, financial institution was planned as new newly developed city center of Yokohama, and Hiroshi Park was maintained of citizen's rest and Tsuzuki that it was, too. In addition, municipal subway blue line (Azamino - Shonandai) and Green Line (Hiyoshi - Nakayama) are maintained with maintenance of grid in ward.
 In ward, head office, research institute, training center of many companies steps forward.
 We locate Kawawa, Saedo, Nakamachidai, 4 firefighting branch offices of Kitayamada to support relief, security of this town developing rapidly in Tsuzuki fire department and act for ensuring safety of inhabitant of a ward such as correspondence to fire, help and first aid by firefighting vehicle of 155 staff and 26 as of April 1, 2018.

Placement vehicle

Tsuzuki fire department conduct car Tsuzuki second fire brigade Tsuzuki ladder fire brigade
Tsuzuki conduct corps Tsuzuki first fire brigade Tsuzuki second fire brigade Tsuzuki ladder fire brigade
Tsuzuki fire department mini-car  
Tsuzuki mini-fire brigade Two Tsuzuki firefighting movement corps Tsuzuki emergency services

Person in charge of area

 Ayumigaoka, Ushikubo-cho, 1, Ushikubo, 2, Ushikubo, 3, Ushikubo
1, Ushikubonishi, 2, Ushikubonishi, 3, Ushikubonishi, 4, Ushikubonishi
1, Ushikubohigashi, 2, Ushikubohigashi, 3, Ushikubohigashi, Edahigashi-cho
1, Edahigashi, 2, Edahigashi, 3, Edahigashi, 4, Edahigashi, Edaminami-cho, Odanacho, Odananishi, Chigasakicho
Chigasakichuo, 1, Chigasakihigashi, 2, Chigasakihigashi, 3, Chigasakihigashi, 4, Chigasakihigashi, 5, Chigasakihigashi
1, Chigasakiminami, 2, Chigasakiminami, 3, Chigasakiminami, 4, Chigasakiminami, 5, Chigasakiminami
1, Nakagawa, 2, Nakagawa, 3, Nakagawa, 4, Nakagawa, 5, Nakagawa, 6, Nakagawa, 7, Nakagawa
8, Nakagawa, 1, Nakagawachuo, 2, Nakagawachuo

Guidance map

Contact information
32-1, Chigasakichuo, Tsuzuki-ku (the Tsuzuki Ward   synthesis Government building)
TEL/FAX: 045-945-0119


・Tsuzuki Ward   government office
・Tsuzuki Ward   evacuation shelter
Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center
・Tsuzuki fire brigade

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