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Serial arson information of Minami Ward


We are careful about serial arson! 

I would like approach of environment creation which "does not let it is not set fire and set fire" with the whole home, area.
In Minami fire department and south fire brigade, we strengthen patrol.

The outbreak situation
1, Nagatakita, 2, 3, Minamiota, 4
        October, one November, one December, seven cases

January 6, two January 11, three cases

 It is set fire to junk in in front of entrance hall and garage

・We do not put thing which is easy to burn in the circumference and garage of house.

・We turn on outdoor lamp by night.

・We take out garbage at time on day decided on accumulation place.

Tendency and preventive measures against arson fires


 As for the recent arson fire, it is set fire to vehicle cover of car and motorcycle and enters site, and examples set fire to to example and illegally parked bicycle set fire to to thing which is easy to burn around the house are often found.

Preventive measures

Let's perform check of thing which is easy to burn around the house, arson preventive measures such as arranging once again.

・Let's be careful not to put things which is easy to burn such as newspaper, magazine, corrugated cardboard around house.
・We will take out garbage in decided time and place.
・Doors such as gate, the side gate, garage, storeroom will lock by all means.
・Inessential or old materials tidy, and let's keep in storerooms.
・At the time of going out and going to bed, we will do locking of openings such as window, door by all means.

・As body sheet of car and motorcycle is easy to be set fire to, we will use thing of flame product-proof.
・Around vehicle, it will prevent you from leaving inflammables such as garbage.

Flyer data this (PDF: 438KB)

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