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We will tell about the AED setting situation such as offices in Konan Ward

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 "It is kenkonan well!" We carry out emergency reliable lecture for elderly people

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 "It is kenkonan quickly and healthily!" We carry out emergency reliable lecture about the prevention, emergency measure of sudden illness and injury of child

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Konan fire department

 {pdf}Konan fire department business policy                   (Portable Document Format: 206KB)

 Car flock to act on rest in the summer! (Portable Document Format: 184KB)
March 7, 2018  The member of home disaster prevention training was carried out in 2017!

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      Image of Konan fire department  new Government building

Summary of Konan fire department

Konan Ward logo mark  It is old and was farm village area among natural hills which are full of green, but housing land development advances for the rapid economic growth period, and approximately 220,000 are continuing developing now as city living a life.
 In ward, three rail lines run, and Kamiooka and Konandai are lined with department store and supermarket, stores proud of abundant assortment of goods, and it is in shopping area eminent in the city.
On the other hand, valuable nature such as area for exclusive use of agriculture and citizen's forest, Mt. Japanese yen sea, Morai River murmuring city park is left in ward.
 In addition, cultural activities, sports, international exchange, volunteer activity is carried out flourishingly, too, and voice full of vigor sounds from Konan inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center "sunflower town" and Konan international exchange lounge, Konanchuo garden plaza every day.
 In Konan fire department , we locate Serigaya, Noba, Konandai, Kaminagaya firefighting branch office other than headquarters in ward and hit fire, first aid, lifesaving duties in ward by 31 firefighting vehicles with approximately 165 staff members of a police station day and night.

Placement vehicle

Konan conduct corps  It is the first fire brigade vehicle of Konan fire department Konan second fire brigade It is Konan ladder fire brigade vehicle.
 Konan conduct corps Konan first fire brigade Konan second fire brigade Konan ladder fire brigade
Mini-car (for February, 24 update)  Photograph of hose carrier
  Konan hose carrier
Konan mini-fire brigade Two Konan firefighting movement corps Konan emergency services

Person in charge of area

1, Kamiookahigashi, 2, Kamiookahigashi, 3, Kamiookahigashi, 1, Kamiookanishi, 2, Kamiookanishi, 3, Kamiookanishi
Most door 1, most door 2
1, Okubo, 2, Okubo, 3, Okubo
Bamboo grass lower 1, bamboo grass lower 2, bamboo grass lower 3, bamboo grass lower 4, bamboo grass Shimogo chome, bamboo grass lower 6, bamboo grass lower 7
Konan 1, Konan 2, Konan 3, Konan 4, Konan 5, Konan 6, Konan Chuo-dori
1, Hino, 2, Hino, 3, Hino, 4, Hino, 5, Hino, 1, Hinochuuo

Guidance map

 Konan fire department  new Government building guide map Contact information
 4-2-10, Kounan, Kounan-ku (the Konan Ward synthesis Government building)
 TEL/FAX: 045-844-0119


Konan Ward government office
Konan Ward evacuation shelter
Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center

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