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News, event information

[we will tell about holding information of news and event from Konan fire department ]

Fire department top page
Introduction of branch office

・The member of home disaster prevention training was carried out in 2017new
・2017 Konan Ward self-defense fire brigade firefighting how to handle technology training society
・"It is kenkonan quickly and healthily!" The prevention, emergency measure of sudden illness and injury of child

We are assigned to this, and paramedic gives a lecture.
・Request out of "WE love Konan" love
"It is kenkonan well!" We carry out emergency reliable lecture for elderly people

・The AED setting situation such as offices in Konan Ward
Past news

        The member of 2017 home disaster prevention training
Photograph of lifesaving class 
State of SP training
    In late years,A lot of natural disaster occurs, and importance of "community support" increases with "self support".
  It is training system to allow that the member of this home disaster prevention training begins from self support, and member of home emergency management plays an active part as leading figure of local disaster prevention.

  Many citizen's all of you attend this training alone and are intended that we wear necessary knowledge and technique about
fire prevention, disaster prevention.

       All all training four times + skill up training twice was performed in this year!

It is PDF icon.State of the 2017 training is this (Portable Document Format: 840KB)


           Detailed guidance (page of Fire Bureau) about member of home disaster prevention

  2017 Konan Ward self-defense fire brigade
Firefighting how to handle technique training society
But, it was held!

Photograph of self-defense fire brigade

Photograph of self-defense fire brigade
   On September 13, office self-defense fire brigades in Konan Ward gathered in a hall and borrowed site of
Keihin Electric Express Kamiooka driving school and showed everyday training result.

   We plan firefighting technology and morale improvement mutually, and voluntary disaster prevention awareness in each office and disaster prevention carry out this training party for the purpose of what is strengthened.

  In office self-defense fire brigade, self-defense of each office is a big help for local disaster prevention by the cooperation system with office of neighborhood from the start.

             State of training society is It is PDF icon.
this (Portable Document Format: 556KB).

"Is kenkonan quickly and healthily"; logo
We perform emergency reliable lecture!


konanchan image
It is kenkonan quickly and healthily!
Mascot character
"konanchan" tells

Lecture image with screen

Image during sternal pressure training
Photograph of "it is kenkonan quickly and healthily"                   

About the prevention of sudden illness and injury of child, emergency measures paramedic
We give a lecture.

It being a lot by emergency conveyance of child

Sudden illness ... heat-related convulsions, epilepsy, abdominal pain

      Abdominal pain image of child Clock, thermometer image      Image of doctor                    

Injury, accident ... fall, fall, burn, suffocation

Fall image from stairsThing image which is dangerous to childFall danger imageDangerous image of burn

By protector warning injury and accident of child,
There are many things which can prevent
Environmental maintenance
is important (let's make environment where accident is hard to happen)

Paramedic playing an active part gives a lecture about the above on the site.
We actually tell about example or emergency measure that there was clearly.

As you go on a business trip to child care circles, please feel free to contact.

[reference materials] It is PDF icon.Leaflet (PDF: 592KB)

... reference ...

Person in charge of Konan fire department defending section first aid
TEL 844-0119



"WE love Konan"
Request out of love

 Bowl touches before leaving   

We do not leave the place if we set fire to cooker.
Put out fire with "bowl touch before being separated from cooker".


 The top of fire cause of house fire is "cooker". If it sets fire to cooker, it is principle not to leave the place.

 When fire occurs, even important property and memory are lost. Let's try for prevention of fire together.

 Si sensor cooker equipped with sensors such as prevention of cooking oil overheat devices is very effective for prevention of fire from cooker.

 Under "Operation
" conduct!

※We worked out logo mark with Ando of illustrator, and child was drawn.


The staff is doing explanation of "it is kenkonan well" in front of projector

Emergency medical technician is doing lecture of "it is kenkonan well"

"It is kenkonan well", and everybody moves body

Title of "it is kenkonan well" 
... paramedic is lecturer!
Emergency reliable lecture ... for elderly people

In Konan fire department , we centered on prophylaxis of injury of elderly person

"It is ken (ken) Konan (we criticize in this way) well!" We carry out emergency reliable lecture for elderly people.

            ... lecture summary ...
  ・Prophylaxis of injury based on the use situation of ambulance

  ・kenkonan da exercises to be easily possible with sitting down!
  ・Disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage information that centered on fire prevention
               We carry out in nadoo around 45 minutes.

 As we made It is PDF icon.leaflet (Portable Document Format: 580KB) 5,000 copies newly this time, we will utilize this in future.

        Class application, inquiry to this
            Konan fire department defending section
      TEL 045-844-0119            

※"It is kenkonan well!" It is title which we pray for life that this sprinkles health and Konan, and elderly person was full of life and made.



    We will tell about the AED setting situation such as offices in Konan Ward                                                         
                             As of November, 2017          

Number  Facility name The location
1  Konan Ward government office  Konan 4-2-10
2  Konan library  125, Nobacho
3  Konan sports center   1-2-30, Hino
4  Konan pool   6-22-38, Kounandai 
5  Konandai community care plaza   3-3-1, Kounandai 
6  Shimonagaya community care plaza   3-33-5, Shimonagaya 
7  Konanchuo community care plaza  Konan 4-2-7
8  Noba community care plaza  612, Nobacho
9  Higashinagaya community care plaza  1-1-12, Higashinagaya
 10  Kusaka community care plaza  Bamboo grass lower 3-11-1
 11  Higashinagaya district center  1-1-12, Higashinagaya
 12  Welfare health practice base (Council of Social Welfare)  Konan 4-2-8
 13  Care for the elder healthcare facility is healthy  5-81-18, Shimonagaya
 14  Yokohama-shi welfare health training interchange center "we ring Yokohama"  The fourth floor of 1-6-1, Kamiookanishi office tower
 15  Konan Junior High School  Konan Chuo-dori 6-1 
 16  Kaminagaya Junior High School  4-12-14, Kaminagaya
 17  Bamboo grass lower junior high school  Konan 5-8-1
 18  Noba junior high school  630, Nobacho
 19  Konandai first Junior High School  6-6-1, Kounandai
 20  Serigaya Junior High School  2-7-1, Serigaya
 21  Higiriyama Junior High School  4-33-1, Higiriyama
 22  Hinominami Junior High School  4-37-1, Kounandai
 23  Maruyamadai Junior High School  4-1-1, Maruyamadai
 24  Higashinagaya Junior High School  2-14-7, Higashinagaya
 25  Keihin Electric Express Kami-Ooka Station   1-6-1, Kamiookanishi
 26  Subway Kami-Ooka Station  1-9, Kamiookanishi B1
 27  Subway Konan-Chuo Station   Konan Chuo-dori 10 B1
 28  Subway Kami-Nagaya Station  1-1-1, Maruyamadai 
 29  Subway Shimo-Nagaya Station  1-58-27, Higiriyama
 30  Medical corporation Masakazu society Hino Hospital  3-9-3, Hino
 31  Yokohama Toho Hospital  Most door 1-3-16
 32  Chairperson medical corporation corporation Akihito field Hospital  2-2-10, Maruyamadai
 33  It is Hitonari Ooka clinic in medical corporation corporation thickness finished society  1-16-2, Kamiookanishi
 34  Keihin Electric Express Kamiooka driving school  Konan 2-12-1
 35  Kamiooka urban development  1-15-1, Kamiookanishi
 36  The Sotetsu Building management (Sotetsu Byrds)   3-3-1, Kounandai
 37  Takashimaya Co., Ltd. Konandai shop  3-1-3, Kounandai
 38  Keikyu Department Store  1-6-1, Kamiookanishi
 39  Otsu swimming club  6-1-1, Shimonagaya
 40  It is Matsuri Ooka Itsuki in Itabashi  2-1-20, Kamiookanishi
 41  List garden is square  1-18-3, Kamiookanishi
 42  King Konandai shop of hotness bath  2-45-7, Hinochuuo
 43  Special elderly nursing home cotton rose Land  4-21-10, Shimonagaya
 44  Hinochuuo Park  2-2, Hinochuuo
 45  Hiroshi Park out of Konandai  3-5, Kounandai
 46  Kounandai, Yokohama church  7-8-29, Kounandai 
 47  Cedar Hino school  2-25-1, Hinochuuo
 48  Hall in Zoshiki-cho     Bamboo grass lower 5-21-11
  49   Kikushima   4-39-7, Kounandai
 50  Kikushima steel frame manufacturing facility  4-38-1, Kounandai

                     It is PDF icon.PDF data this (Portable Document Format: 72KB)                  

○We tell about office where we got setting of AED and confirmation about publication in Konan fire department .

What is AED (automated external defibrillator)?
 Even if AED is not person engaging in medical care including doctor and nurse if for lifesaving, it is medical equipment that use is accepted. When arrhythmia (ventricular fibrillation) at risk for life is caused, machine determines whether defibrillation is necessary automatically and gives heart electronic shocks, if necessary, and is medical equipment defibrillating.

Request from Konan fire department
 In Konan fire department , we try for grasp of the AED setting situation. If we establish AED, and there are offices which can cooperate with publication, please contact person in charge of Konan fire department Prevention Division prevention (Phone: 844-0119).

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