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 Kohoku fire deparment

 〒222-0032 26-1, Mamedocho, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-shi (the second floor of the Kohoku Ward synthesis Government building)
 It is 7-minute walk transportation from Toukyu Toyoko Line, Okurayama Station

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Map of Kohoku fire deparment
 Introduction of branch office Under recruitment of members of Kohoku fire brigade News from fire department
American dogwood yuito "looking out for fire to begin together"

 The latest information
We published the number of annual Kohoku Ward fire, first aid of 2018 (preliminary figure) on January 9, 2019.
The number emergency for 2,018 years Kohoku Ward fire
We held Kohoku Ward New Year's parade of fire brigades in 2019 on January 5, 2019.

Say American dogwood; panel<event: It is first-come-first-served basis until March, 2019>We do disaster prevention experience in Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center and get "cool lunch Thoth"! (PDF: 600KB)

We issued the public relations magazine "firefighting of Kohoku" 59th of fire brigade in October, 2018.

State to actually join Kohoku fire brigade by special feature of tvk "Hama navigator" on September 1, 2018 was broadcasted. (as for the broadcast content to program official homepage)

We held Kohoku boiled fire station Festa where bred in August, 2018.

Character of Kohoku fire deparment "said American dogwood" in March, 2018, and ga was born. (the photograph right)

We carried out the Kohoku fire deparment "ceremony of fire-prevention standards symbol grant" in <conduct report> September, 2017. (PDF: 760KB) → What is fire-prevention standards symbol?

<conduct report> For fire extinguishing at the time of November, 2015 - suspension of water supply ... "bucket brigade inspection experiment" (PDF: 1.10MB)
 When cut off water supply at the time of earthquake disaster, using fire hydrant cannot extinguish a fire.
  Therefore we inspected method to draw water from fire prevention water tank effectively and the effectiveness because inhabitants spread easy dekiru "bucket brigade".
 Summary of police station
Emblem of Kohoku WardThe appearance of Kohoku fire deparmentTown development for the formation of Yokohama, the Kannai downtown area and the Shin-Yokohama downtown area standing in a row is pushed forward in Shin-Yokohama. There is "Yokohama International Stadium" where the final of World Cup which became Brazil vs. Germany on June 30, 2002 was held (existing Nissan Stadium), and maintenance of exercise park city's greatest at the outskirts and "Shin-Yokohama park" where it is is pushed forward.
 Nature is left in addition to downtown area function in ward, and the Tsurumi River which is the only first-grade river in green and the cities such as citizen's forests drifts and many people enjoy walks and enjoy nature in city.
 In addition, event in area is prosperous, and, in north Okurayama, one of's two biggest Bairin "Okurayama park of Yokohama admired equally with south Sankei-en Garden," enjoying ume blossom fair is held, and, in forest of Kozukue ruins of a castle citizen, various attractions such as taking the field parades which we did with warrior line in the lead are performed with wild cherry tree when it becomes in full blossom and can enjoy historical picture scroll, and many people visit the city from the start from other cities.
 Kohoku fire deparment locates 37 firefighting vehicles and staff approximately 210 in headquarters in ward and 6 branch offices (Tsunashima, Hiyoshi, Shinohara, Takada, Nippa, Kozukue) to support the situation of ward having various masks in this way.
 Placement vehicle
Kohoku second fire brigade Photograph of Kohoku ladder car
 Kohoku conduct corps Kohoku first fire brigade Kohoku second fire brigade Kohoku ladder fire brigade
Kohoku mini-fire brigade Two Kohoku firefighting movement corps Kohoku emergency services Kohoku hose carrier
 Person in charge of area
 1, Kikuna, 2, Kikuna, 3, Kikuna, 4, Kikuna, 5, Kikuna, 6, Kikuna, 7, Kikuna, Mamedo-cho, Morokacho
 1, Okurayama, 2, Okurayama, 3, Okurayama, 4, Okurayama, 5, Okurayama, 6, Okurayama, 7, Okurayama
 >>This person in charge of district is only Kohoku fire deparment headquarters. Person in charge of area of branch office is this place.

 Contact information
 Kohoku fire deparment window guidance
Enlarged picture clicks
     Main business in charge of each person in charge
Section name Person in charge Window Business content
General affairs department Person in charge of accounting
General Affairs Section
Person in charge of fire brigade
1  ・Contract relations
 ・Document, public hearing, meetings
 ・Office work of Kohoku fire brigade
Prevention Division Person in charge of instruction 2  ・Construction application firefighting agreement office work
 ・Dangerous materials-related permission office work
Person in charge of inspection 3  ・Fire prevention inspection
 ・Facilities check notices for firefighting
 Fire marshal-related notice
 ・Report of firefighting plan
Preventive person in charge 4  ・Disaster prevention instruction
 Fire prevention management class application
 ・Association of Kohoku fire prevention
Defending section Person in charge of plan 5  ・Defending plan office work
Person in charge of disaster prevention 6  ・Firefighting supply of water office work
Security 7  ・Operational office work of fire brigade
Person in charge of investigation 8  ・Fire cause investigation, affliction proof
Emergency person in charge 9  ・Emergency office work

Kohoku fire deparment headquarters entrance
We install mini-fire engine of staff handicraft in entrance of Kohoku fire deparment.

Firefighting fire prevention batter which we wish to loan in what perform rental for child, please speak to staff of firefighting.

In addition, please drop in at bookshelf on the use with picture books of fire engine at ward offices as you arrange.

Kohoku Ward government office   ・Kohoku Ward evacuation shelter   ・Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center


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Kohoku fire brigade

City of Yokohama, Fire Bureau Kohoku fire deparment
〒222-0032 26-1, Mamedocho, Kouhoku-ku (the Kohoku Ward synthesis Government building) TEL/FAX. 045(546) 0119
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