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Kanagawa fire department
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News, event information {pdf} 2018 Kanagawa fire department
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Summary of Kanagawa fire department

Emblem of Kanagawa Ward  Kanagawa Ward of city, located at the center, almost occupy downtown area seaside part of Yokohama-shi and corner of the Shin-Yokohama downtown area. To east seaside part, there are factory or office in reclaimed land, and, in inland, residential area spreads out in the topography with ups and downs. In addition, a lot of green tract of land and farmland spread through west hill part. In late years we are affected by redevelopment and downtown area recurrence, and construction of apartment advances, and tendency to increase includes population.
 Kanagawa fire department performs duties such as fire prevention, disaster prevention in ward and emergency duties by firefighting vehicle of headquarters and 4 firefighting branch offices, approximately 180 staff and 32 every day.

Placement vehicle

Kanagawa conduct corps Kanagawa second fire brigade Kanagawa mini-unit
 Kanagawa conduct corps Kanagawa first fire brigade Kanagawa second fire brigade Kanagawa mini-unit
Kanagawa first first aid       
Kanagawa first emergency services Kanagawa second emergency services Two Kanagawa firefighting movement corps 

Person in charge of area

Aokicho, Asahigaoka, Izumicho, Urashimaoka, Onocho, Kamitanmachi, Kiribatake, Kinkochou, Kuritaya, Kougaya, Saitobunchou, Sakaemachi, Sawando, Daimachi, Takashimadai, Tachimachi, Tammachi, Tsuruyacho, Tomiyacho, Torigoe, Nakamaru, 1, Nishikanagawa, 2, Nishikanagawa, 3, Nishikanagawa, Nihonenoki, Hakuraku, Hirakawacho, Hirodaiootamachi, Futatsuyacho, Matsugaoka, Matsumotocho, 1, Rokukakubashi, 2, Rokukakubashi, 3, Rokukakubashi, 4, Rokukakubashi, 5, Rokukakubashi, 6, Rokukakubashi

Guidance map

Contact information
3-8, Hirodaiotamachi, Kanagawa-ku (the Kanagawa Ward synthesis Government building)
TEL/FAX: 045-316-0119


Kanagawa Ward government office
Kanagawa Ward evacuation shelter
Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center
・Kanagawa fire brigade
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