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Civic Affairs Bureau

[news of top page shift] Promotion of civic cooperation part

Promotion of civic cooperation part top page shifted to local action promotion section top page and social movement support section top page each from June 3, 2013.
About contents published in each section top page of shift, it is as follows.

Local action promotion section

Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, promotion of cheerful community development, social movement insurance

Support (cheerful community development promotion business) to approach for local problem solution

Local action promotion costs, the Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations building maintenance furtherance,
The authorization of group by shared territorial bonding

Information for insurance regime for injury and accidents during volunteer activity

Support system guidebook
 To person performing social movement, local action,
 We publish system to want you to make use by all means,

・Let's <introduction to collaboration> (collaboration handbook)

The regulations to promote social construction to bring up local bond, and to assist in area

Social movement support section

Promotion of collaboration, support of social movement, the certification of NPO corporation

Inspection of collaboration business

Social movement synthesis support base, social movement support center,
yokohama dream funds

NPO corporation system and various procedures, search of NPO corporation

We report with social movement opportunity,
Let's <introduction to collaboration> (collaboration handbook)

The citizen collaboration regulations, basic guideline (Yokohama cord) of collaboration promotion

Volunteer information accompanied with "the Great East Japan Earthquake"