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About business stop of Honmoku citizen pool

About business stop of Honmoku citizen pool (suspend until ※ redevelopment completion sequentially

  Deterioration of facility is remarkable, and, about Honmoku citizen pool, water supply consumption largely increases by business of 2015, and it is in a situation that a large quantity of water leaks water. We carried out investigation for identification of leak of water point toward business of 2016, but stop business because it did not lead to identification of leak of water point.

1 business stop reason

   Deterioration of facility is remarkable and, also, stops business without being able to pinpoint leak of water point because repair becomes difficult.

2 business reopening time


   ※ In "pool and policy to modify reviews such as field service facilities" that Honmoku citizen pool devised in October, 2015 deterioration of facility
        Because it is remarkable, we decide to examine redevelopment. We will push forward examination for redevelopment immediately in future.

3 water supply consumption

   2015 53,819㎥ (for +22,732㎥ compared with the previous fiscal year, business period (from July to September))

4 findings

      We carried out hollow exploration under the ground to pinpoint leak of water point, but it is thought that it may occur for leak of water in this investigation
   We were not able to discover big cavity under the ground.

5 facility summaries

   Name: Honmoku citizen pool

   Setting: July, 1969 (47 years old)

   The location: 46-1, Honmokumotomachi, Naka-ku

            ("Honmoku citizen Park is in front" of city bus 54, 97 systems than JR Negishi Line "Negishi Station" and gets off)

   pdfPress release document (Portable Document Format 273kb)

※We push forward examination of Honmoku citizen pool, Yokohama pool center redevelopment.

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